New collaborative program (now used nationwide by the NFL) GUARANTEES its members will never, EVER get a DUI when using its services

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Finally, there’s a new way to enjoy a night on the town in your own car and never worry about getting a DUI. Those with a lot to lose from a DUI arrest call it their “career insurance.” Safe Ride Solutions (SRS) is a national network of off-duty and retired, veteran police officers. It’s a new, unique, collaborative DUI prevention program developed by peace officers, professional athletes and business professionals to address the real world problem of DUI.

The nationwide, innovative service is the only one of its kind serving major U.S. cities and is widely used by the NFL, including the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers. In California, SRS currently serves Los Angeles, San Diego and the Bay Area; expanding soon to San Jose and Orange County.

Most drinkers don’t call a cab because they want their cars with them the next day. SRS drivers expertly and quietly prevent drunk driving (DUI – Driving Under the Influence of alcohol) 24/7 by picking up and safely driving clients home in their own cars. You have your car the next morning…guaranteed!

All officers sign a Confidentiality Agreement, are dependable, discreet and trained to handle challenging situations. They know their city, can avoid problems and have years of experience protecting people, including providing emergency care. SRS is for those who realize it is catastrophic insurance at a bargain price.

Who do you want taking care of you when you’ve had too much to drink? …a cab driver? No, you want someone you can truly trust when you’re vulnerable. No one’s better than a fully trained, experienced peace officer.

DUI attorneys in California are already beginning to recommend Safe Ride Solutions to their clients as a way to help prevent further situations that may involve their DUI arrest…or worse. They also know informing the court their clients will sign up for membership in SRS may help their clients’ DUI defense cases significantly.

The drunk driving statistics: 13,470 deaths in 2006 in accidents involving drinking and driving (BAC of .08 or higher); approximately 32% of all traffic fatalities for 2006.

Safe Ride Solutions is the answer to the oft asked question, “It is one in the morning. I drove my friends to the bar, I am drunk, my friends are drunk, and I don’t want to leave my car here overnight. How do I get us and my car home because I have to get to work in the morning?”

About Safe Ride Solutions
Safe Ride Solutions is a collaborative DUI prevention program developed by police officers, professional athletes and business professionals to address the real world problem of DUI. The company is headed by CEO, Det. Gary Lawrence, a veteran San Diego police officer. Phone: 1-888-END-2-DUIs (363.2384). Web:

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