BOSTON, Mass. — Omni-Publishing today announced the launch of its latest DVD “A Parent’s Guide to,” featuring Sgt. Corey MacDonald, Esq., a school resource officer at Portsmouth High School in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. This unique guide educates parents and offers advice on how to help their children who are on protect themselves from any potential dangers.

A Parent's Guide to MySpaceIn recent years, many free online social networking sites have emerged and have become increasingly popular among teenagers. Estimates suggest there are over 200 social networking sites in existence; some of the most popular sites boasting registrants numbering in the tens of millions, with hundreds of thousands of new registrants per day. These sites allow individuals to communicate with each other and to form networks. As in any large community, there are some potential dangers.

Sgt. MacDonald recently completed one entire year on as a school resource officer. He has taken his recent experience and expertise and developed a series of guidelines that every parent should know when talking to their kids about

“My 14 year old daughter told me about a new friend she was corresponding with on I looked on her site and discovered she had more than 1000 ‘friends,’ most of whom she didn’t know. She now accepts only friends she knows,” said parent, Maureen Quinlan.

“A Parent’s Guide to” provides tailored tips and guidelines for parents and educators to use to keep kids safe while socializing online. This guide will help educate parents on best practices for protecting families online.

Key highlights from this DVD include:

    * What is and other similar sites.

    * How to sign up and navigate through

    * How to find your child’s profile and access their web page

    * How to track your child’s friends, conversations, and group memberships

    * How to maintain privacy

    * How to delete sites, pictures, blogs and friends.

    * How to contact about a problem

    * What type of help is available from law enforcement

About Sgt.Corey MacDonald, Esq.
Sgt. McDonald has served as a police officer for 10 years and a school resource officer in 2005 and 2006 school year. He is also a lawyer and a member of the New Hampshire Bar Association. Sgt. McDonald is a national lecturer on and has received many awards.

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