From Classrooms to Boardrooms, Hidden Amplifier Provides Powerful Audio

DALLAS, Texas — Roemtech, LLC ( has announced the availability of their innovative PlenumAmp (PMA-240). It is designed and approved for above-ceiling installations. It allows the end-user to have an audio amplification system that is easily concealed. Commercial environments such as school classrooms and business meeting rooms with data projectors need an amplifier that provides clear, powerful sound without taking up excess room. This product fills that need without sacrificing power or clarity.

With simple terminal-block connections the PlenumAmp can easily be wired and installed in under 3 minutes. As an additional accessory, Roemtech has developed a proprietary MagnaKlamp that allows for the amplifier to be mounted to a standard projector pole (or any flat, steel surface) in 5 seconds. The MagnaKlamp consists of powerful, electrically insulated magnets, giving it an eight pound holding capacity.

Most current data projectors have a variable audio out jack (3.5mm) that’s controllable via the remote – using the PlenumAmp, mounted directly above the projector, means that a short audio cable can be used to connect the two thus reducing cable and labor costs.

PlenumAmp With 40 watts of stereo power and two independent inputs (each with their own volume control), the mixer/amplifier is capable of providing clear audio for audiences of up to 100 people.

Because the PlenumAmp has a large heat-sink, it is well suited for demanding applications in plenum areas. In addition, it utilizes proprietary, advanced noise blocking circuitry designed to eliminate noise from cell phones and hum from ground-loops.

Vice President of Product Development, Rene Rodriguez says, “Due to the falling prices of projectors, schools and colleges are buying more and more of them. What our amplifier does is deliver high-quality audio for these projectors at an affordable price without compromising performance. It’s a perfect match for classroom projectors plus being out of sight almost eliminates the opportunity for theft and unauthorized tinkering.”

The Roemtech PlenumAmp is only available through authorized audio-video dealers. MSRP: 295.00, including a three-year warranty.

About Roemtech, LLC:
The company is the brainchild of Rene Rodriguez and Thomas Emlinger. The team has spent five years researching, developing and testing the PlenumAmp. They have over 700 units in successful field tests.

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