LOS ANGELES, Calif. — New Light Entertainment, a multi-faceted, home entertainment company that delivers audio and video content to audiences, announces the upcoming release of Shiloh Falls, a western that will also include downloadable music. Scheduled to be released in January 2008, the Shiloh Falls DVD will include both the movie and music, so when people rent or buy the DVD they can watch the movie and download music.

Shiloh Falls is the classic tale of good versus evil with a twist. Set in the Wild West, a mysterious stranger appears in town who is more powerful than the law or the fugitives. Good and evil must pull together to fight true evil to achieve divine retribution.

New Light Entertainment “What makes us different from other production and distribution companies is that we offer both the movie and new music on one DVD,” Tom Sykes, New Light Entertainment founder, said. “We are changing the way people discover music.”

On the audio side, New Light Entertainment works with musicians in all musical genres ranging from jazz and blues to country and alternative. Primarily, tracks are targeted to audiences 35 and older.

“Our goal is to provide an outlet for producers and artists that is honest and mutually profitable to both label and artist,” Sykes explained. “Through this, we hope to enrich the lives of our viewers and listeners.”

“There are so many major labels that traditionally market to younger audiences that we wanted to give the more mature market more entertainment choices,” Sykes said.

On the video side, the company is aligning themselves with filmmakers who have the ability to make good films. They are also partnering with production companies and producing films on their own. They are focused on the story, the key ingredient to a successful film.

Sykes, former Vice President of Sales at Showtime Network, brings years of experience to New Light Entertainment. He is a media veteran and has also worked in entertainment divisions at Embassy Pictures, Vestron, Turner Entertainment, WEA and PM Entertainment.

New Light Entertainment manufactures, acquires, produces and distributes CDs and DVD products, worldwide. They are distributed in the U.S. by Universal Music Group.

New Light Entertainment music is also downloadable from the web site at:

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