SEDONA, Ariz. — Phyllis Johnson Innovative Strategies, LLC announces Sedona Romance Travel, an online travel newsletter that captures the spirit of Sedona. A personal journey that guides the reader and describes why Sedona is a special place for romancing the spirit and nourishing the soul. A place where lives and relationships can change forever.

The publisher has traveled internationally tracking life style trends for global companies for over three decades. Her research of the personal development and spirituality trend has taken her all over the world from Egypt to Peru and eventually led her to Sedona.

Sedona Romance Travel shares her personal experiences of Sedona and many of the people and services that have enriched her spiritual journey. Her observations of this spiritual evolution has led to recognition of a new kind of romance emerging.

A romance of the spirit that opens the heart and creates an opportunity for more open and loving relationships.

A new romance that is about ease and relaxation and simply being “real.”

Connecting spiritually heart to heart. Having fun exploring the trails of an ancient land that echoes with messages for each soul to hear.

And for women who have men in their lives who need to be gently led, a customized Men’s Guide has been created for helping men to plan an unforgettable romantic getaway in Sedona. The guide also includes a carefully researched list of glorious gift ideas! shares how to experience a new kind of romance in Sedona and take experiences home that will be remembered for a lifetime!

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