RESTON, Va. — nPulse Networks LLC, a leading integrator of hardware acceleration tools for open-source network monitoring and security applications, and Napatech Inc, the world’s leading vendor of high-performance, programmable Ethernet network adapters, today announced they are entering into an OEM agreement enabling nPulse Networks to use Napatech adapters in delivering their advanced network appliances to the market.

nPulse will build the Napatech adapters into its Catapult appliance development toolkit, which lets application developers utilize the full power of hardware acceleration and offload, without having to spend time tuning, programming or even considering the underlying adapter hardware.

“Napatech, especially with their recent acquisition of products and IP from Xyratex, are clearly the world leader today in sophisticated network adapters, allowing developers to move many repetitive packet-processing tasks to hardware,” says Randy Caldejon, CEO of nPulse Networks. “As networks get faster and more heavily loaded with complex traffic types, and as performance issues and threats become ever more subtle, it’s key that monitoring and security appliances can capture and inspect every packet in real time. Using Napatech’s adapters, our customers are able to offload their server CPU by moving many of these tasks to the adapter hardware, and use that extra computing power to build much more feature-rich and responsive applications.”

“We are delighted to partner with nPulse,” says Henrik Brill Jensen, CEO of Napatech. “nPulse’s expertise in deploying hardware acceleration, and in building open-source monitoring and security applications, will enable nPulse customers, especially in the Security and Government space, to take advantage of the full power of Napatech performance-enhanced network technology.”

nPulse Catapult toolkits, with integrated programmable network adapter cards from Napatech, are available for both 1GBit/sec and 10GBit/sec network appliance platforms. For more details, contact sales

About nPulse Networks LLC
nPulse is a global leader in the hardware-acceleration of open-source-based solutions for network monitoring, network security, traffic analysis and data management. With its customers and partners, nPulse works every day at the leading edge of network monitoring and security technology, providing deep insight into “network vital signs”. nPulse Networks is headquartered in Reston, Virginia, and also maintains development centers in Charlottesville, VA and in Pisa, Italy.

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About Napatech Inc
Napatech develops and markets advanced programmable and intelligent Ethernet adapters. The adapters off-load tasks such as real-time/streaming traffic, packet analysis and control applications traditionally implemented in software or proprietary hardware. Napatech offers its products only to OEM customers. Napatech has main offices in Mountain View, California and Copenhagen, Denmark. Napatech is a 2004 Tornado100 Winner. Napatech is funded by Northzone Ventures, Ferd Ventures, DTU-Innovation and a group of business angels with vast experience within networking.

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