NEW YORK, N.Y. — JamesAllen, one of the leading online jewelry companies has just announced the release of their Signature Ideal Cut “Hearts & Arrows” Collection. This exclusive inventory of perfectly symmetrical diamonds represents the “creme de la creme” of diamond cutting and is available only through the website.

“We are very proud to begin production of our own Hearts & Arrows diamond,” said James Allen Schultz, founder of the company. “For almost ten years we’ve focused on selling the highest quality diamonds online, and adding this line of Super Ideal Cut diamonds is a perfect complement to our inventory of G.I.A. and A.G.S graded round, princess cut and other fancy shaped stones.”

diamonds“Hearts & Arrows” diamonds (which are often abbreviated as “H&A diamonds”) are incredibly rare and can only be produced by the most skilled and experienced diamond cutters in the world. Because of their perfect internal symmetry, they exhibit a unique pattern of eight pointed “arrows” and eight perfect “hearts” when viewed through a special diamond viewer. More importantly, however, these diamonds maximize light return and have more brilliance, fire and dispersion than any other diamond cut. Traditionally available through high-end jewelry stores, Hearts & Arrows diamonds were first invented by Japanese cutters in the 1980’s and have been gaining popularity in the United States ever since.

“Perfect Pattern, Perfect Price” is the slogan that James has coined to promote his new line of diamonds, an obvious allusion to the high premiums generally associated with these special diamond cuts. “We may not be the first company to produce and market H&A diamonds, but we have the unique manufacturing abilities and online retail presence to offer these diamonds at prices 20-50% below every other manufacturer of perfect Hearts & Arrows diamonds.” The new collection is showcased under the name Signature Collection on the website.

For more information on (, to schedule an appointment to view the James Allen Collection, or to request product samples, please contact Michele Sigler at 240.379.8367 or michele

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