HACKENSACK, N.J. — PaperClip Inc. today announces the expansion of its popular eM4 Compliant Email Service in the State of Nevada. Nevada law now requires the secure transmission of all Personal Identifiable Information (PII) on the public internet. PaperClip’s eM4 Compliant Email Service enables companies in Nevada to maintain compliance by protecting sensitive consumer information combined with a disinterested third party (D3P) audit documenting the chain of custody.

paperclip incEmail compliance to date has been directed from the federal government focused on financial and healthcare sectors. Nevada’s law covers all companies regardless of their business and an offense can result in a misdemeanor punishable by six months in jail and or a one thousand dollar fine. A misdemeanor for a licensed insurance professional or a FINRA Registered Representative could bring sanctions or be deemed as a disqualifying event thus having their licenses revoked.

PaperClip is offering their commodity priced eM4 Compliant Email service to any size company or individual starting at $120 per year. “eM4 is used by some of the largest financial companies in the world to individual professionals,” commented Suzy Tuck, Vice President of Sales for PaperClip Inc. PaperClip provides web mail, desktop and server implementations supporting subscribers and non subscribers.

eM4 Compliant Email Service is part of the Internet eXpress family of services supporting the financial industry independent distribution channel. Internet eXpress launched in 1998 continues to grow with over three hundred subscribers and 100 million documents exchanged. “Our customers challenged us to solve the secure email problem of interoperability, usability and cost across any size organization,” said Mike Bridges, President of PaperClip Inc. Mr. Bridges continues, “eM4 is unique in the market by its peer too peer architecture and its D3P asynchronous auditing.”

eM4 Compliant Email Service can be used by any type or size organization desiring to secure and comply with current and future laws protecting third party information. As a service, eM4 works with any email product or solution and can be updated as regulations demand with minimal subscriber interaction. eM4 Compliant Email Service is ready to protect your email information and your business today.

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PaperClip Inc. develops and markets software products and services that organize and manage documents, images, workflow and communications. The Company’s customers include individual Internet users, corporations using enterprise-wide systems and others. The Company distributes its products worldwide through value-added resellers, systems integrators, and direct channels.

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