EUGENE, Ore. — LCD technology is making its way into hospital-patient rooms. Until now, screen size options have been limited, but Paradigm Multimedia now offers choices while the competition offers limitations. Prior to Paradigm’s new product offering – a patented tuner interface box (HT22E) – hospitals were primarily limited to a 20-inch LCD TV. Now, with this new product, hospitals are able to choose any size LCD monitor while controlling the television functions using a standard hospital pillow speaker.

With the HT22E, Paradigm can offer a lower priced, high-quality consumer LCD that offers entertainment satisfaction while still meeting health care LCD TV standards.

So, how does it work? The signal from a satellite or cable system is received by the HT22E tuner and sent to the LCD via composite video. Concurrently, the audio and channel functions are controlled by a pillow speaker connected by a quarter-inch stereo jack.

Benefits of the HT22E include: complete interface with current nurse-call systems’ manufacturers and pillow speakers; space-friendly CATV tuner box that supports 125 channels; auto search and programming; and a full line of display sizes.

Paradigm Multimedia “We entered this market to satisfy the basic needs of the health care industry’s in-room entertainment systems,” Reinhold Baron, president of Paradigm, said. “The HT22E meets those needs and provides our company with the flexibility to satisfy current, consumer technology demands.”

In addition to standard features, the HT22E includes some unique capabilities such as: on-screen advertising for potential revenue stream; custom-interface enhancements; and factory settings that will allow the manufacturer to assist with diagnostic issues.

Complete support and instruction is available to all Paradigm Multimedia contracted integrators. Paradigm recognizes the importance of the customer, and not just the sale.

“Feedback has been positive on two fronts – product satisfaction and service quality,” Baron explains. “This response solidifies our core belief that integrity, product excellence, and customer care is key to long-term success.”

Paradigm’s mission is to combine their experience, knowledge and imagination with their partners’ manufacturing expertise to develop and present the finest quality, leading-edge technology products to health care customers at a reasonable price.

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