OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — Just a few minutes drive from Brad Pitt’s hometown, a new home currently under construction is using the inspiration of Brad Pitt and his love interest Angelina Jolie to help create its “inner curb appeal” in order to be competitive in the tough housing market. Named “The Brangelina,” the house capitalizes on the image of Pitt and Jolie with the use of proverbs, tattoos and quotes reflecting their beliefs, stenciled all over its 4,000 sq. ft. structure. The $500,000 home, by the artist known as Xvala, is expected to go on sale this summer, announced Buddy Haydel, of Haydel & Associates, of Oklahoma City.

Using the motto, “Domestic Bliss,” The Brangelina is being built as a primary residence but could act as a collectable. The home uses additional principles, such as “Live and Let Live,” or “Embrace the Messiness of Life,” that are designed to offer words of enlightenment. Selections of Pitt-Jolie principles stenciled in colors onto the home’s framed structure are designed to give the home a positive essence.

A repeated pattern of “Smiling Hearts” prominently covers the home’s thirty-foot tall roof using twelve colors of hearts with smiley faces to convey The Brangelina’s mission of helping its eventual occupants pursue happiness to their heart’s content.

“We’re celebrating a relationship that has captured the imagination of the whole world. People will be interested in this because of their bond,” says spokesman Buddy Haydel.

“If you’re going to make art, it better be something people can live with, and if it’s brilliant it will be something people can’t live without, like a place to call home,” Xvala says.

The Brangelina will introduce a new concept for home ownership called “Honorary Ownership.” It is a feature of special request by the artist that The Brangelina’s future owners agree to open their home to accommodate Pitt-Jolie every time they come to town to visit Pitt’s grandmother.

“We are encouraging the idea that every neighborhood in America is potentially a home to our superstars, keeping celebrities and regular people connected in spirit,” said Xvala.

The Brangelina is a single family, four bedroom home with three and a half baths, a formal dining, study, family living room and media room.

The Brangelina will be open for public view starting April 22nd at 10:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily until April 30th, in the Thornbrooke neighborhood of Edmond. Project representative, Cory Allen, will be made available to answer questions and supply directions to see “the soul of the home” created in graffiti during its critical frame stage.

“The essence of domestic bliss – Pitt-Jolie’s quotes stenciled on 2X4’s – will be put up on the streets of neighborhoods in need around New York City and Los Angeles. A few will be made for sale,” Jonathan Halperin, the artist dealer in Los Angeles, said. “Xvala is crazy, but in a good way. I think what he is doing is incredible, and ingenious, on every level.”

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