Roland Aranjo will travel to all 50 states, Native American nations, college campuses and hundreds of cities across America in a national Democracy Revival Tour

DENVER, Colo. — Democratic Presidential candidate and author Roland Aranjo ( starting in his home town of Denver Colorado, will kick-off a national Democracy Revival Tour, 50 States in 100 Days. “I will be traveling across America, holding local democracy discussions, listening to local concerns and sharing my vision for our democracy,” stated Aranjo.

The first Democracy Discussion will be held on Saturday, August 25th from 2:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M., at 6872 E. Iliff Pl. Denver, CO 80224. The tentative schedule of the Democracy Revival Tour is available at The tour will include all 50 state capitals, Native American nations, college campuses and hundreds of cities across America.

Roland Aranjo The Democracy Revival Tour will be building grassroots support and awareness for efforts to revive American democracy. For instance, as part of Roland Aranjo’s Democracy Revival Pledge, one proposal is a national Democracy Day, the first Tuesday of November, a holiday to honor those who have expanded our democracy and to give Americans a vacation day to vote. “America has a rich history of democracy activism, we honor our nation by continuing this legacy,” stated Aranjo.

The author of the innovative book, “Democracy Declaring Our Power; How the Law of Attraction Applies to Society and Democracy” (, Aranjo discusses how government benefits those who focus on it. For instance in the United States, the special interests have focused their resources on democracy, financing political campaigns and the lobbying industry. Thus, according to Aranjo the federal government is now serving their interests. To revive democracy, the book encourages Americans to focus on democracy. As a democracy revival pledge, he proposes an alternative vision of democracy: one person one vote for President, national initiative process, Democracy Day Holiday, lobbying reform, preferential voting, instant runoff voting, public financing of elections, media democracy, multi-party ballot access and the creation of an internet based Citizen’s E-Congress.

Roland Aranjo is a native of Denver Colorado and a graduate of the University of Colorado in Political Science. He has been active in politics, campaigns, union organizing and government service for the past 28 years throughout the Southwest, making government and democracy work for the benefit of the people. Roland Aranjo is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States of America and author of the book, “Democracy, Declaring Our Power” (ISBN-13: 978-1604024432).

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