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SEATTLE, Wash. /eNewsChannels/ — NEWS: Missing or damaged shingles, leaks, cracked tiles, damaged gutters are some of the common problems caused by winter storms, says roofing expert Aaron Zarling, the manager of Eco Roof Service in Seattle.

“After a storm hits your area with high winds, rain, ice, or snow, it’s important to check your roof for possible damage. Catching a problem early, before it gets worse and more costly to fix, is a priority for homeowners,” says Zarling.

Once moisture gets under the roof surface, it can lead to mold formation and wood rot, Zarling said, so that’s why it’s urgent to check the roof out as soon as possible after a storm. Mold and rot are “dangerous enemies” on your roof.

Drones to the Rescue?

Eco Roof Service, which offers free and fast roof inspections, is now testing the use of drones. Drones would allow remote roof inspection, so that the owner and roofer could look at the roof condition without the hassle (and danger) of having to climb up on the roof.

“This is an exciting new technology,” Zarling said, “and we’d like to be the first to introduce it in the Seattle area. Our motto is to provide constant and never-ending improvement in service, so this new technology is a good fit.”

Eco Roof Service is a locally owned business with a reputation for excellent service at reasonable cost.

“If you’re unsure about storm-caused roof damage, call us for a free inspection,” Zarling said.

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