SHREWSBURY, N.J. — The Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine(SM)-New Jersey (SIRM(TM)-NJ), part of one of the largest and fastest growing infertility networks in the United States, has announced that Douglas Rabin, MD, has joined SIRM’s Monmouth/Ocean County office (located in Shrewsbury) as its Medical Director.

Concurrent with Dr. Rabin’s arrival, the center will expand its days of operation and its services in order to accommodate patient demand and Dr. Rabin’s existing patients.

Dr. Rabin, a respected and experienced infertility specialist brings more than 25 years’ experience in the field of reproductive medicine to the Monmouth operation. He has established several IVF programs including his own practice in Bergen County, NJ. His specialties include In Vitro Fertilization, general infertility and irregular menstruation, as well as issues related to Orthodox Jewish patients and their religious needs.

“I’m thrilled to lead the Sher Institute office in Shrewsbury,” said Dr. Rabin. “I’m confident that SIRM’s cutting-edge medical techniques and its renown for compassionate, personalized infertility care will be a great benefit to our patients in both Monmouth and Ocean Counties.”

Among SIRM’s influential techniques is a new method for selecting the best embryos for IVF. Using a test known as Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH), doctors are able to analyze the entire chromosomal makeup of an embryo (all 23 pairs), rather than just 12 chromosome pairs as currently available technology does. A recent study, published in the medical journal Fertility and Sterility, demonstrated that embryos that are deemed “competent” through CGH testing (meaning that each of 23 pairs of chromosomes are present in proper numbers), have a greater than 70% chance of initiating a successful pregnancy. This is twice the current national average for IVF procedures.

About SIRM
The Sher Institutes for Reproductive Medicine (SIRM) are a network of independently-owned IVF centers and satellite offices that operate under a shared set of practice standards and centralized management systems. SIRM founder, Dr. Geoffrey Sher, established the country’s first private IVF practice in 1982. SIRM physicians have been influential in the development of numerous breakthroughs in the field of reproductive care over the past 23 years.

SIRM offices are located in Long Island, Manhattan, and Westchester, New York; Bedminster, Phillipsburg and Monmouth County, New Jersey; St. Louis, Missouri; Los Angeles, Orange County, Chino Hills, West Hills, Sacramento and Pleasanton, California; Dallas, Texas; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Peoria, Illinois.

Further information about the Sher Institutes for Reproductive Medicine and Dr. Rabin can be found on the SIRM website at

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