CHICAGO, Ill. — According to Solay Wellness Inc., natural salt is not just for healthy flavor. Boasting 84 minerals, unrefined, crystallized, natural salt delivers an array of health benefits, with users finding relief from respiratory ailments, improvements in skin condition, increased energy levels, pain relief, stress relief and more.

These hard-to-ignore benefits, paired with the fact that The Salt Institute estimates that there are more than 14,000 uses for salt and recognize it as “a necessity to healthy living,” prompted the development of an environmentally-focused wellness company that has emerged as the leading provider in natural salt products.

Solay WellnessCalled Solay Wellness, the company was founded by Isabella Samovsky, who spent the last 10 years providing shoppers worldwide with eco products and most recently, the highest quality natural salt products available today. Originally, it was her fascination with salt lamps and their purifying capabilities that served as a catalyst for the business venture, and after experiencing the healing powers of natural salt firsthand, and witnessing countless others do the same, she expanded her product line and even manufactures her own natural salt-based products including Solay Simple, Solay Therapy Pillows, and more.

Samovsky’s passion for natural salt and natural living, along with her strong commitment to help others achieve higher levels of wellness through the use of natural salts has catapulted Solay Wellness to online success.

Based on ancient holistic treatments, the natural salt products found at can help users combat earaches, head aches and backaches, with the Solay Salt Lamps able to gently clean and purify the air, and the Salin Device & Salt Pipe capable of providing respiratory protection and relief, and more.

“Natural, mineral rich salt is essential. Our bodies are 90% salt water and using the right salt can help us live healthier; but, it’s not just that,” Samovsky explains. “Salt is also antibacterial, and has been used for centuries to help people look and feel better, whether through adding salts to their baths to alleviate sore muscles and skin conditions such as eczema, using salty water for sinus irrigation in ayurveda, or through breathing ionized, bacterial free salty air in salt mines (like the famous Polish salt mine that has been turned into a Hospital.)

“Additionally, if you look at the list of ingredients in home cleaners before the advent of synthetic chemical cleaners, salt was the main ingredient used to clean your home and even for oral care,” Samovsky points out. “Mix it with lemon, baking soda, or even on its own, and you’ve got a multi purpose solution. Of course, you can also sprinkle natural salt to get rid of odor, or even to make a paste to remove wine spills.”

Most recently, and based on customer demand, Samovsky has created Solay Simple Natural Cleaners with Himalayan salt, a cleaning line which is non-toxic, unscented and biodegradable. Solay Smile natural tooth powder with Himalayan salt, Solay Gourmet Granola, and other salt wellness products coming soon for people and pets.

And, as Samovsky and her loyal clients will attest, Solay Wellness natural products people sleep better, provide pain relief and can even be counted on to improve breathing conditions and even to help relieve stress so users feel more calm and relaxed.

“The bottom-line is this: Salt is worth its weight in gold when it comes to our well-being and because of its many uses and countless benefits, it truly can do something positive for everyone,” Samovsky concludes.

About Solay Wellness
Isabella Samovsky founded world renowned Solay Wellness when she was just 29-years-old, after falling in love with a Salt crystal lamp. As she tells it, she was instantly drawn to the lamps striking beauty and energy, as well as its strong health benefits. But, Samovsky didn’t stop there. After doing research, she learned how beneficial natural salt is and about it’s many uses, as well as how it can be used to help people look and feel better.

This prompted her to create Solay Wellness and to eventually launch her own top-selling product line, which now includes Solay Simple, a line of 100% natural, non-toxic cleaners, Solay Gourmet, a natural food line that includes Solay Gourmet Granola and natural Himalayan salts for seasoning, Solay Smile, a natural tooth power, Solay Therapy Pillows for people and pets and more.

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