rent film locationsLOS ANGELES, Calif. /eNewsChannels/ — In an economy where people are working hard just to stay current with their bills, why not look toward the thriving Hollywood industry for extra income? Studio Find It, Inc. offers a way for home, business, land, vehicle, heavy equipment, watercraft and aircraft owners to turn their assets into income by renting their items for cash to motion picture studios by simply registering with them online.

“A lot of people don’t realize that motion picture studios rent everything – in fact, productions are always on the lookout for new locations, picture car vehicles, background items or props that will make their series or film unique, so when they need something they typically send a scout out to find it,” said Claire Yankee, Vice-President of Studio Find It.

She adds, “Our company is an inverse approach to this process – instead of going out and looking for each item productions need to rent, we’re asking the public to come to us.”

Through a simple process of going to their website (, registering for free and listing your item, you too can start making big bucks by renting your items to the motion picture industry.

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About Studio Find It:

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif., Studio Find It, Inc. is the first in the industry to offer all owners of locations, vehicles, heavy equipment, watercraft, aircraft – and more – a free online outlet to rent their items to the motion picture industry. It is their goal to provide the public with a way to get involved in the entertainment industry and make good money while supporting local commerce.

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