VENTURA, Calif. — The Wind Chaser, from Action Products, LLC, is an affordable, family oriented, “eco-friendly” land-sailor that is easy to use and easy to get the family together to enjoy a recreation that everyone can share regardless of age. It is easy to learn to sail, easy to use, easy to carry in the back of the car (even a Honda Civic), easy to assemble – even for twelve year olds – and makes it easy to get the whole family together and do things together. Those who already know how to sail will appreciate the simplicity of this sailing cart.

Those who don’t will find they will master it in a matter of minutes. The “Wind Chaser(R)” stores in four separate and light-weight bags that stow easily in almost any vehicle with room to spare. With just a few parts to assemble, easily and quickly, you are up and away in minutes.

Wind ChaserIt disassembles just as quickly. The bags allow for easy transportation as well as protecting the parts when stored at home. The ergonomic molded “body” is comfortable and supportive for all ages. The four-part mast breaks down and stows in a bag with its sail that is less than four feet long.

The optional equipment, from “balloon” tires for softer surfaces, ice blades for ice sailing, larger and smaller sails for different wind conditions, all make this product fun and easy to use in a wide range of conditions and terrains – as long as they are all flat and Mother Nature is obligingly providing the wind as your fuel.

Wind Chaser(R) fully backs up its product with an extensive web site and blog. Here you can find everything you need to know 24/7 to not only use your land sailor, but learn all about it and land sailing too. There are links to land sailing organizations and clubs who post their events 24/7. They have brochures and other information to down load and print out at home.

Their Wind Chaser BLOG at is designed to allow everyone who is interested ask questions of the manufacturer, post their own experiences and share information in an informal internet setting.

If you still have questions, you can call or email their helpful customer service staff.

The “Wind Chaser(R)” can be purchased directly from the Wind Chaser(R) web site or with a phone call. E-mail: Call: 1-805.525.8003.

Site: .

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