SEATTLE, Wash. — Seattle-based Trans Marine Propulsion Systems, Inc. (TMPS) – – known worldwide for their diesel service and engineering department, has secured the distribution, sales and service agreement with Lehmann & Michels, GmbH. (Lemag) of Hamburg, Germany – – for the west coast of the United States, which includes Alaska and Hawaii. This agreement also extends to British Columbia, Canada.

Since 1911, Lemag has been known throughout the world as a leader in the production of measuring instruments mainly used today in marine applications and stationary power plants.

Lemag PREMET marine measuring “Providing our customers conclusive data as to why their engine or its components have failed or why they are not operating at 100% of their potential has always been one of our strongest strengths,” states Shane Roeser, President/owner of TMPS. “Technical information is crucial for vessel owners,” states Bjorn-Thorben Porep, Managing Director of Lemag. “This information can save an owner millions of dollars in repairs, fuel and down time.”

Lemag’s PREMET product is a German-made, electronic hand-held instrument for recording and storing peak pressure from each cylinder of an engine. It is very easy to set up and the measurements can be taken even on short trips. The analysis will provide all the essential data about the engine including the mean indicated pressure, indicated power, firing pressure, and the correspondence between the crank angle and pressure. The instrument is highly accurate and even compensates for the temperature changes before every measurement.

Performing an engine performance analysis before and after every major overhaul will give the ship owners and operators very useful information about the condition of the engine. Engine performance analysis done before the overhaul will give an idea of the parts and components to be reconditioned or overhauled and the extent to which the injection and valve timings are to be adjusted for optimum performance. An engine performance analysis done after the overhaul will confirm if the overhaul was done correctly.

The Lemag Premet machines have been effectively monitoring engines for such worldwide marine operators as E.R Schiffahrt GmbH & Cie.KG, HAPAG-LLOYD AG, Teekay Shipping and Horizon Lines.

“We are very excited about our new agreement and look forward to working closing with Lemag to provide superior service and sales in our assigned territories. Securing the distributor agreement from Lehmann & Michels is a key element to the future success of TMPS’s condition based monitoring program being offered to customers in the United States,” states Roeser.

For more information on Trans Marine Propulsion System, Inc. and Lemag’s condition based monitoring programs contact Trans Marine Propulsion Systems, Inc. at 206 282 9142 or

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