SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — The year 1982 had a lot of milestones: Sony introduced the first compact disc, a little alien stole our hearts and imaginations with E.T. and, the Valley’s own Trends Magazine released its first issue. Trends, the oldest, continuously published society, philanthropy and lifestyle publication, is celebrating its silver anniversary with events all year long.

“The fact that Trends has been in publication for a quarter of a century shows that it does resonant with the local community at some level,” said Trends Publisher Bill Dougherty. “With affluent lifestyles continuing to be on the rise, Trends is more relevant than ever.”

Dougherty says he wants the world to remember what it was like in 1982 from where people shopped to where people dined (does anyone remember the Glass Door?), what they wore (lots of color and big shoulder pads) and how they did their hair (usually big).

“So many people have worked hard the past 25 years to make Trends something that the Valley wants to read. I want those loyal readers to have fun and celebrate with us this year,” Dougherty said. “I have come to realize how ridiculous we all looked and how much society has progressed throughout the years.”

Photo Caption: Bill Dougherty, publisher of Trends Magazine.

“On the flip side, Trends was established as the local tabloid in the early days, trading on the tawdry gossip of socialites and the rich and powerful,” added Dougherty. “Since Sept. 11, we have come to realize the community wanted a kinder, gentler publication and that’s what we have delivered. Since I worked with Trends for many years, prior to being publisher, I do still know where all of the ‘bodies are buried,’ I just choose not to print that.”

The magazine hosted the annual Trends Charitable Fund Celebrity Luncheon on April 26, which recognized the Best Dressed Men and Women of Phoenix and raised money for six local charities. Trends’ Beat the Heat will be held Oct. 5 at the Arizona Biltmore to celebrate the kick-off of Arizona’s social season and celebrate Trends’ 25th Anniversary.

In 25 years in Arizona, Trends has built its circulation up to 44,000 homes and has gone from newsprint to a fully bound, glossy magazine. Several of its advertisers have been with the company its full 25 years. For more information, visit

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