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(CHICAGO, Ill.) — NEWS: Aclaro Inc., the game-changing Artificial Intelligence software company that provides disruptive technologies to the automotive, financial, and government sectors, announces a new Board Member and the release of Aclaro EcoSystem 3.0 (ES 3.0). With these announcements, Aclaro continues rapid advancement toward its overarching mission of helping lenders, dealers and consumers develop and nurture longer mutually beneficial relationships.

Introducing New Board Member Peter M. Leger

Aclaro has appointed auto industry expert Peter M. Leger as its newest Board Member. Leger is the founder and CEO of IVSG LLC, a provider of disruptive technology that empowers automotive retailers and original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”). He and his team recently launched GlobalConnectPlatform(GCP3) and partnered with PickCloud/Googleto distribute the software to the global automotive retail sector.

Leger has extensive leadership and management expertise in the global automotive sector. He was the CEO of Credit Management Solutions Inc., the innovator and pioneer in online credit and automotive loan processing. One of his initiatives there was Credit Connection, which was subsequently sold to DealerTrack. Preceding CMSI, Leger was President of ADP Dealer Services(AKA CDK Global), President and CEO of MSX International, and a board member of APAC Customer Services and Outsourcing Solutions, Inc.

Aclaro is extremely excited to tap into Leger’s vast insights and expertise from his decades of success in the auto industry. Throughout his career, he has led many growing businesses to a sustainable EBITDA/profitable basis by introducing new innovative technology to the sector. Leger’s voice will be a critical resource as Aclaro continues its impressive pattern of growth.

“I am proud to join the Aclaro’s Board, and I look forward to working with Carlos, the Aclaro team, and the other directors as the company builds for the future. I believe that Aclaro has the innovative technology and know-how to change the way that dealers, lenders, and consumers interact in a fully integrated, closed loop real-time marketplace that benefits all participating stakeholders. This is an exciting time for Aclaro and its breakthrough Artificial Intelligence technology especially in creating the Aclaro MarketPlace in connecting lenders’ pre-approved borrowers with dealers real-time inventory,” said Leger.

Introducing The Aclaro EcoSystem: ES 3.0

Aclaro announces ES 3.0, a game changing toolset for vehicle purchasers, lenders, and dealers.

ES 3.0 enables lenders to better understand a customer’s propensity to purchase, offers real time inventory from multiple dealers tailored to a customer’s preferences, and helps close vehicle sales and financing faster. The ES 3.0 process begins with Aclaro AI’s learning a borrower’s propensity to buy a vehicle. Then ES 3.0 engages the borrower to come and visit the Aclaro MarketPlace with a customized Call to Action via multiple channels including email, SMS, and Web targeting. In the MarketPlace, a borrower/consumer can select a list of vehicles to test drive, start the trade-in process, and the financing process. The financing process uses Nexus Score and the Aclaro’s Alternative Data., Through Aclaro’s proprietary algorithms, lenders gain a better sense of the borrower’s cash flow, financial information, and their probability of paying back the loan in full.

Throughout the ES 3.0 processes, mutual value is created for lenders, dealers, and consumers. Lenders obtain granular financial information about a borrower that is based solely on cash flow. They quickly identify profitable lending opportunities while mitigating default risk. Auto dealers integrate their real-time daily inventory with the Aclaro Marketplace to provide consumers with the vehicles they actually want. Dealers close deals faster with permissioned customer financials. Consumers also obtain many benefits from Aclaro ES 3.0, including the ability to easily find-and be approved for-the purchase of their next dream vehicle.

Ultimately, Aclaro ES 3.0 makes life easier and better for lenders, dealers, and consumers. It saves significant time, reduces risk, increases sales and makes the auto purchasing process much more pleasant and trustworthy.

High Expectations

After identifying significant pain points in the automotive lending industry, Aclaro is leveraging game-changing technology to assist all stakeholders. With another auto industry expert board member and the release of the game changing tools in Aclaro ES 3.0, the company will quickly and permanently shift the paradigm.

If you are an auto lender, auto dealer, or prospective auto buyer, we encourage you to visit us at to learn more about our company, our stellar team, and our must-have products.

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