BALTIMORE, Md. — On January 1, 2007, Artistic Pursuit, LLC of Brunswick, Md. launched a new and innovative Web site – – an online community which pays artists for their original work such as unpublished videos, music, images, literature and games, and also allows fans to discover new artistic talents.

Artistic Pursuit accepts all types of original, unpublished work for consideration. Upon receipt, the company will provide each artist with an acknowledgement, work evaluation, and suggestions for improvement, as needed.

Every month, the company will select and distribute, by publication on its Web site, 100 of its top-rated videos, music, literature, images and games, and pay each artist for their work; compensation is based on the work’s “Top 100 List” rating by category.

“Currently, artists have an array of avenues to pursue for recognition and possible distribution, however, inadequate publicity often makes it difficult for consumers and fans to locate new artists and talent,” Shelton Alexander, Chief Executive Officer of Artistic Pursuit, explained. “Most unknown artists quickly learn that individual promotional attempts are slow and do not always bring the needed level of recognition and income.” will bring together thousands of artists with millions of fans on one single Web site; its mission is to fill a void in the current entertainment marketplace.

By creating a single network of independent artists that include musicians, photographers, writers, videographers, game developers, and other creative types, will provide a venue for artistic collaboration that might not otherwise be possible.

Each artist’s work will be readily available to fans, industry professionals, and other artists. Unlimited opportunities are available for fans to discover new artists within easily navigable genres, categories and subcategories.

“Publishing an artist’s work on the Web site may be just the beginning of what will be able to offer,” Jeremy Biser, Vice President of Creative Content, said. “Artists whose work resonates with fans may be further promoted as we envision unlimited opportunities such as connecting aspiring directors with, up-and-coming writers, videographers, composers and other artists. The finished product, or individual components, could then be submitted for possible publication, licensing, and marketing.” seeks the best in undiscovered talent to provide quality content to their subscribers. For a minimal subscription fee of $9.99 per month (less than the cost of downloading one album of music on other sites), provides unlimited opportunities for artists to support themselves, while distributing unique entertainment.

Subscribers will also receive unlimited downloads of content, and access to social networking options like personal blogs, community forums, a meeting place, e-mail, private messaging, chats and classifieds. They may send personalized greeting cards, and write to “Dr. M” for opinions about love, life and other pursuits.

“Artists are charged a $5.00 processing fee when submitting their work for consideration. In addition to offsetting Artistic Pursuit’s processing expenses, the fee will encourage artists to invest only in their best work,” Samuel Alexander, Vice President for Sales, Marketing, and Public Relations, said. “By investing in only their best work, each artist will achieve the greatest return on a very minimal investment, and Artistic Pursuit may more efficiently use its resources to select and aggressively pursue only the artists’ best, top-rated material, for licensing and on-line promotion.”

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