ROCKINGHAM, N.C. — A North Carolina author has found a unique way to market his writings to potential publishers. Steven Blood has put the manuscript for his children’s book “The City of Lost Socks” on the online auction website eBay in what seems to be the only auction of its kind.

eBay auction #190102443444 includes the manuscript and all media rights for it. This includes the rights to the book, movie, television and any other forms of communication. The new and proud owner of these rights will not owe Mr. Blood any future compensation in the form of royalties or any other payments beyond the winning bid.

The City of Lost Socks“I see it as a win-win situation,” explains Steven Blood, “The publisher doesn’t have to wonder how much the book will cost him in the end, it’s all up front. And I don’t have to bicker over royalties and whatnot. I can just go back to writing and be done with it.”

“The City of Lost Socks” is a “Seussian” story written in rhyme. The story centers around the adventures of a young boy named Thomas who goes on a fantastic journey to discover the true reason his socks won’t match. Along the way he learns a life lesson about the dangers of labeling.

Also included are two drawings for the story also by the author.

Steven T. Blood
Phone: 910.817.6171

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