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NEWS: (SPRINGFIELD, Ill.) Author Michael Piontkowski, also known as Piont, recently launched to get the word out on how every U.S. citizen can convert all their debt-interest money loans into zero percent, interest-free money loans. The site offers a call to action for the Abraham Lincoln Banking Act.

“What people don’t know is that their U.S. citizenship constitutionally qualifies them for interest-free money,” Piont says. “They can save hundreds of thousands of dollars by not having to pay interest on home mortgages, auto and other vehicle loans, personal and business loans, credit cards, student loans and more.”

Piont’s website reveals that U.S. citizens’ constitutional right to interest-free money was first established by President Abraham Lincoln. He also shows that the God of the Holy Bible told His people not to use debt-interest money. The God of the Holy Bible had His people using interest-free money as documented in Exodus 22:25; Deuteronomy 23:19-20; and Ezekiel 18:13.

“What we’re actually doing is mocking and blaspheming the God of the Holy Bible by putting the motto: ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ on our money: our debt-interest money,” Piont says. “But there’s a way that America’s Christians can stop the public mocking and blaspheming of their God during this 2016 election.”

Piont proposes that U.S. citizens can take action and take back ownership of their U.S. Government’s money printing presses by passing the Abraham Lincoln Banking Act. This will restore President Lincoln’s godly and constitutional interest-free money as the U.S. money supply. How? It’s very straight forward.

“The plan is simple,” explains Piont. “People can spread the name and news of this website over social networks and by word-of-mouth. They can also contact their U.S. congressman or congresswoman and two U.S. senators to instruct them to pass The Abraham Lincoln Banking Act.”

Piont makes it quick and easy for people to contact their elected representatives on his website.

“Isn’t it way past time people made their U.S. government work for them instead of against them?” Piont asks. “If given the choice, why would someone choose debt-interest money over zero-percent money? Just think about that.”

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