BEVERLY, Mass. — Why hire a Massachusetts private investigator? According to the Bay State Detective Agency, Inc., while “Do-It-Yourself” investigations may be successful at times, unlicensed investigators may not be aware of information laws and may be in jeopardy of committing serious violations, receiving fines, or even jail time.

Searching through records to find a missing person or deadbeat parent may sound simple enough, but in many cases, information laws protect databases and services for research requiring information pertaining to, for example, employee background checks. “Do-it-yourselfers” could potentially face thousands of dollars in fines, or years in prison, if they are not familiar with specific information laws.

“Information may be public, but in many cases, the process for getting it is more involved,” David Almeida, LPI, of Bay State Detective Agency, explained. “People get upset if they find out you’ve been digging up their public information and passing it on to other people without being registered with the proper legal organization to ensure information used will be safeguarded.”

David Almeida P.I.*(Photo Caption: Private Investigator David Almeida.)

Learning the ins and outs of legal information gathering can also be time consuming and confusing. In some cases, it can also cause major privacy issue violations, if not careful, during the learning process.

For example, an amateur investigator has been researching an issue and calls the wrong person to report the findings. Legal action can be sought against this person. Searching for biological parents in an adoption case, for instance, can be very detrimental if the information falls into the wrong hands. Misinformation can lead to marriage problems, divorce, and even kids may end up suffering.

“Or, let’s say someone is conducting an employee theft investigation,” Almeida posed. “Someone in a person’s company has committed theft and digging for clues begins. There could be improper evidence and the unlicensed investigator may be on the track of someone who is completely innocent. Information could be leaked out during the investigation that could alarm the very employee who is stealing. There are just too many variables.”

Ultimately, the goal is to get to the bottom of the investigation and solve the case; a professional, private investigator is the key.

Would you try to fix a car engine if you were not a mechanic? How about a washing machine? So, why try to handle this any differently?

Hiring a Massachusetts private investigator provides confidence and peace of mind. A Massachusetts private investigator is skilled in the field of investigation, and has years of networking and connections in the field, reducing time spent and increased access to resources.

David Almeida, LPI, has over 14 years of experience as a licensed private detective, including employment with the Committee for Public Counsel Services as a criminal defense investigator. Investigative services at Bay State Detective Agency include: financial profiles, missing persons, fraud investigation, infidelity surveillance, and more.

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