CLEARWATER, Fla. — Broadband Productions Inc. Launches Global Portal premiering the Science Fiction Thriller: “The End of Time” (ISBN 1-4116-3846-8). The book is a creative new look at a persistently old theme: good versus evil. But instead of adding yet another cookie-cutter story to the gristmill, author Randall Towe has created a fantastic world in which two lovers are torn apart by enormous evil.

Synopsis: The darkness comes because it always does. Now its time has come again. The endless struggle between the forces of light and darkness wage on as one man’s obsession to uncover the truth and save his long lost love, bring him face to face with the powers of creation. A quest that will test his strength of will, defy his sense of reality and decide the fate of the world. With billions of lives hanging in the balance, failure is not an option as the battle against the forces of evil begins. A war to prevent the holocaust that will send mankind back to the Stone Age and enslave the world in darkness forever.

End of Time“The End of Time” is an apocalyptic science fiction thriller with an alien twist. Randall Towe wrote “The End of Time” (Broadband Productions, 2006, ISBN 1-4116-3846-8) as a reminder that we all need to live in the moment.

“This fast-paced story built around a heroic plot is filled with memorable characters. The story climaxes with an epic battle in which the future of humanity hangs in the balance and eventually resolves into a very believable, feel-good ending. The author has done a commendable job of recreating the often-told story line of good vs. evil while giving it a new twist. The result is a book that moves along quickly and readers who find it difficult to put down. In short, this is a solid four-out-of-five-star rating, one of the most creative and enjoyable books of its genre.” — Don Bacue International Features Syndicate, AmSAW Book Reviews

Broadband Productions launched its global portal of The End of Time on January 9, 2007 and can be previewed at The online promotion includes video blogs posted on various video websites and a web portal that is listed on the American Society of Authors and Writers website. The book is available through major online bookstores.

“The End of Time is a fascinating mixture of science fiction and scriptures. The unique way Mr. Towe wove them together portrayed a realistic and scary way of looking at the book of Revelations. I loved how even in the worst of times, a mother’s love for her child overcomes all obstacles. The family that took Catherine set in motion the only chance that Catherine had to have a normal and loving family. Catherine and Darien loved one another and even when Catherine was under Satan’s control, you could still see that somewhere inside her, she had very strong feelings for Darien. Darien would go to hell and back to save her. In the end, Catherine proved that she was a worthy mate for Darien when she potentially sacrificed herself to save another. This book hooks the reader from the very beginning and keeps the reader in suspense until the very end. I hope to read more books by Mr. Towe.” — Teresa Fallen Angel Reviews.

The book may be purchased online at: and

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