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CLEVELAND, Ohio /eNewsChannels/ — NEWS: N-Propyl Bromide (NPB) from Chemical Solvents, Inc. is a nonflammable, non-chlorinated industrial solvent that removes wax, oil and grease from metals. It can replace solvents like TCE, PCE and DCM all of which are rated as HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants).

NPB provides superior acid neutralization, white metals reaction prevention, superior soil lifting, rust formation prevention and is U.S. EPA SNAP approved.

NPB can be used for vapor degreasing, ultrasonic cleaning, dip tanks, flushing and cold cleaning as well as a solvent in adhesive formulations and aerosol formulations.

Chemical Solvents, Inc. stocks 550 net pound drums and 55 pound pails as well as recycled NPB. NPB can also be easily recycled.

Chemical Solvents, Inc. is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio and provides custom blending, commodity chemicals and solvents, toll manufacturing and waste solutions for industry.

Visit for more information or call: 1-800-362-0693.

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