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NEW YORK, N.Y. /eNewsChannels/ — NEWS: Masterseek Corporation has just launched an enhanced version of its search engine which includes, amongst other things, additional search capabilities. The purpose of these modifications being to allow the user to find and sort business contacts more easily and efficiently, using specific criteria. The new version has the functionality to apply multiple search terms at the same time, ensuring accuracy in the returned results.

In addition, a new filter function enables the user to focus their search on a particular city or country; many more filter options are to be introduced in the near future. This tool is ideal for acquiring new leads and for finding agents, distributors and resellers worldwide. With this new facility, Masterseek aim to take a significant share of the billion dollar lead generation market from other data providers such as DnB and Experian.

“With over 300 million contacts in our database, we have a good starting point to build a powerful contact tool,” says Rasmus Refer, President –

At the same time, the site design has been improved and several new “leads” features will be added over the coming weeks. It will be possible to follow one or more companies and to automatically receive updates with regards changes in staff and the latest company news, through social networks, news and media services.

The Masterseek team has spent 15 years developing this software and has succeeded in its aim to be able to collect and organize company information from the entire web. The software is currently patent pending.

Global Branding and Sales Platform:

Masterseek’s huge platform is not only ideal for locating company information and business leads, it is also a fantastic alternative to Google Ads when it comes to branding your business or selling products and services globally. New company profiles, products or messages created on Masterseek update on Google automatically within 24 hours, providing additional visibility and thus the potential to attract new customers.

All Companies in One Place:

Masterseek’s goal is to have up-to-date information on every company around the world, regardless of whether or not they have a website. Masterseek software collects information from corporate websites, but also from articles, social networks and smaller local business directories. In addition, Masterseek use over 50 data providers to complement the content, such as Linkedin, Alibaba, Google, Yelp and Amazon Supply.

New Alternative to “InMail”:

In the near future, several major services will be launched under the Masterseek platform. These include a new type of contact and recruitment tool, offered as an alternative to Linkedin’s popular “InMail.”

About Masterseek:

Masterseek Corp. uses proprietary software to collect and index online business information to provide the global B2B platform and search tool for business professionals. Its unique web technology enables companies to obtain detailed information with regards global, national, regional, and local markets. Masterseek’s global search engine provides quick and free access to, amongst other things, company profiles, contact information, and descriptions of products and services. Masterseek was founded by Rasmus Refer in 1999 and is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Masterseek(TM) is a global trademark.

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