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DENVER, Colo. /eNewsChannels/ — NEWS: In the world of medical and commercial office leasing, corporate offices, multifamily homes, and other buildings, such as hotels, there has always been a problem of reconfiguration, says Deferred Tax Benefits, Inc. Green Zip(R) is a demountable drywall joint tape, that at remodel or inner wall maintenance time, allows drywall to be demounted easily, moved, and reused – saving time, materials, and the environment.

Many office spaces are typically reconfigured and/or rebuilt every five years. In many spaces the maintenance of inner walls is an ongoing process with water leaks, wiring changes, and other issues that are often overlooked. The old process has been a major cost – in time, labor, material, environmental damage and revenue lost due to the remodel disturbing the occupants. The noise of power saws and dust also forced most work to be completed at night or on the weekends, and the process also created an enormous amount of wasted drywall.

Demountable Drywall Joint tape was created to address this ongoing problem – in an efficient and more eco-friendly way. This new technology was developed by an award winning and former top Gensler architect and Construction Technology Professor at Texas A&M, W. Frank Little, who is pioneering this change in the industry. Green Zip(R) is a removable/demountable drywall joint tape, that at remodel or inner wall maintenance time, allows drywall to be demounted easily, moved, and reused – saving time, materials, and the environment.

The revolutionary demountable dry wall tape can be pulled up allowing access to the dry wall screws. Once you remove the dry wall you have access to everything associated with a non load-bearing wall (dry wall, interior doors and glass, studs, head rails, utilities, etc.). The demountable tape is self-adhesive, eliminating the need for the auto taping tool and the person to smooth out the bubbles of the first mud coat. Being self-adhesive also eliminates the 4 hour to 2 days drying time for the first coat. Workers can demount the system during regular hours, as there isn’t the debris, dust, and noise that the old demolition system required.

The reception to this new technology has been overwhelming; many Fortune 500 offices along with banks, hospitals, multifamily, hotels and government buildings are now using this technology. The time saving implementation is being widely recognized not only for its cost saving to builders and property owners, but by its huge impact on the environment as well.

Green Zip(R) has been named an Environmental Protection Agency and American Institute of Architects “Best Building Component Award” Winner, and was the recent winner of Architect Magazine coveted Research and Development Award. In addition, a recent LEED Case Study shows this technology diverts 70 percent – 90 percent of the interior of buildings from the landfill, and is now reconfigurable/reusable.

Another case study, from Turner Construction, shows that a property owner will save $110 per linear foot (or $1,100 for every 10ft) by using the new system to allow existing interiors to be easily reconfigured, rather than having to demolish them and rebuild.

Meeting all the IRS Whitco requirements of personal property, this technology also changes the tax depreciation structure of the interior of the building. McGladrey and EKS&H CPA firms agree that the tax benefits alone can be equivalent to saving $3-$10 per square foot in construction cost.

Colorado’s first building using this technology and now reconfigurable is at 8101 Midway Dr., Littleton and is owned by the Pavco Group.

“This is a truly dynamic addition to our industry,” stated Travis Vap, of South Valley Drywall. “Not only does it make the reconfiguration process of properties less of a headache, it also greatly reduces the waste of time and materials. Plus it reduces the landfill as well – this changes everything.”

The Green Zip(R) Demountable Drywall Joint Tape is made in the USA, and is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. To learn more about its tax benefits, environmental impact, and how it can help builders and property owners save money, contact Les Simpson, President of Deferred Tax Benefits, Inc. at or 303-579-6881, or visit his website, for a video and more information.

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