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Ever wondered what New York was like before it was a city? Enter Mannahatta Colony

(NEW YORK, N.Y.) — NEWS: Vanadala Publishing (, a division of NNGL, announces the publication of “Ellishiva Cinnamon and The Sixth Element” (ISBN: 978-0996207126, paperback), a novel of environmental stewardship, by best-selling author, social responsible entrepreneur, humanitarian and global lifestyle television host, Nirmala Narine.

“Ellishiva honors the lives of millennials and Gen Z of all backgrounds,” says Narine, “bringing awareness to a catastrophic Earth they might one day inherit, through the lens of Mother Nature, humanized in the novel as the Va’Nature race.”

New York City – 1600 CE – The island of Manhattan is a dense unpolluted jungle. Known only by the ancient Lenape name of Mannahatta, this lush and wild jungle holds an impossible secret hidden from human eyes.

A world where the Va’Natures, endangered and extinct animals, and fantastic beasts now have a voice and are elevated above their current status; alien species serve as analogies to human affairs and magically becomes a metaphor for responsible understanding and management of the Earth’s resources and fragile eco-system.

“My new female superhero! Yummy plant-based recipes, unique martial arts, yoga – I can easily unearth Elli’s magical world into mine,” says Nectarios Rodriguez, age 13, New Paltz Middle School, N.Y.

AS WAR, GREED, POLLUTION AND DEVASTATION drag the natural world to the edge of massive extinction; the Va’Nature Supreme Being brings a child to life: Ellishiva Cinnamon. Deep in the colony of Mannahatta and under the tutelage of her guardian Rajah, twelve-year-old Ellishiva spends her days nurturing saplings for human sustenance and maladies. Relatable to any child today, Ellishiva must deal with her pain-in-the-butt brother Hektor, her clingy little sister Amber, and her well-meaning caretaker, Lady Malinia – the world’s biggest nag.

But Ellishiva’s protected ecosystem of endangered species shatters one day when the wrath of an ancient evil enters her world, ambushes her, and speaks a cryptic prophecy. Worst of all, no one will believe her story, not even her best friend, Samara. As the evil gains strength and threatens to destroy all she holds dear, Ellishiva must grapple with fear, trust and the dangerous task of discovering organic magic to sustain Earth’s ecosystem-or stand by and watch everyone she loves, and the Earth itself, perish. Through it all, Ellishiva struggles with bullying, self-esteem, peer pressure and the knowledge that she was born of duty, not love.

“For centuries, our ancestors shared time-honored values across generations and kinship with their environment. Ellishiva is a cultural injection – inspiration for climate-change naysayers -enchanting botany and biology back-story – a role model to empower girls and helps to erode the crumbling tropes that science is for the opposite gender,” says Narine.

About Author Nirmala Narine:

Nirmala scribbled her first words on mango trees, as well as the side of her unpainted childhood home in Guyana, South America. When Nirmala was ten years old, she and her family left her densely jungled village for another jungle: New York City. There, Nirmala traded mango trees for keyboards, and never looked back.

Nirmala has traveled to more than 167 countries, is a sought-after global trends expert, and is the founder of Nirmala Narine Global Living, revealing a mindful path to healthy eating habits, global foods, beauty secrets, and the environment. She is the author of multiple best-selling travel-memoir cookbooks, television host of Nirmala’s Spice World, and the founder of Nirmala’s Farmstead, a foundation dedicated to empowering sexually abused orphans and cultivating future generations of agricultural leaders.

“Ellishiva Cinnamon” is her debut novel series. For more information visit:

Title: “Ellishiva Cinnamon and The Sixth Element Author: Nirmala Narine”
Publisher: Vanadala Publishing (ISBN: 978-0996207126)
Available in paperback, hardcover and Epub, sold through Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and through

Review copies and interviews arranged on request.

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