WALDORF, Md. — There’s a new erotica writer on the block – U’nyque – and she’s making her presence known in a newly-released, triple XXX-rated book, “Up the Street, Down the Block & ‘Round the Corner” (ISBN: 978-1-4196-8863-8). The novel is now available at Baker & Taylor,, and This sexually captivating book is written for anyone who enjoys reading about adult love and sexuality. In U’nyque’s book, written words provide a platform for adults to free their minds from sexual limitations. Through her writing, she encourages the reader to break through sexual boundaries.

U’nyque writes about the five senses and incorporates images that pertain to touch, taste, smell, hearing, and seeing. She combines all of these in a manner that frees the reader to enjoy and experience the body in a way that is sexually fulfilling, yet raw and gritty.

“This book is kind of like an orgasm for the mind,” U’nyque says. “I wanted to write something that would make readers feel free and uninhibited.”

“Up the Street, Down the Block & ‘Round the Corner” takes place in the tumultuous 1960s in the bustling and sexually tense city of Washington D.C. There are several main characters whose lives intertwine throughout the book.

One of the main characters, Lyn Richmond, only wants one thing in life — to become someone’s wife, while Gertrude Cooper has a good husband, but can’t seem to be faithful.

Vincent (Vince) Owens is a professional football player who thinks he’s a “player.” However, he has the worst luck when it comes to women and relationships.

Newlyweds, Jackie and Sterling Wright, seem to have their whole lives ahead of them; they are expecting a new child, but then life throws them a curve ball.

Lorenzo Miles is an absolutely gorgeous model. The problem is that he is not sure if he is straight, gay, or bi-sexual.

Other characters are involved in a love triangle and graphic arguments between the two women for the control of and love of one man create daily challenges.

Betty Taylor and her companion Sidney Mathis are “salt of the earth” type characters who suffer great heartache from Betty’s drug-addicted son.

All of these characters come together to create a real-life blending of emotions and sensory perceptions.

“My inspiration for writing is rooted in everyday life,” U’nyque explains. “Telling stories is what I like to do and making them as vividly believable as possible is the fun part.”

U’nyque adds that she tries to find humor in everyday life and when she can’t she “tells it like it is.”

“I enjoy the seduction of erotica and creating a ‘shock factor,'” she explains.

H. Thomasine Wren, author of “The Plan Brown Wren,” a story about overcoming sexual abuse, lauded U’nyque’s efforts and explains that “Up the Street, Down the Block & ‘Round the Corner” is “triple XXX stories with a flavor for the real.”

U’nyque adds that she hopes this book will transcend race and gender. She is currently at work on her second book, “The Gems, The Pimps, & Me,” scheduled for release in the spring of 2009.

Released by Booksurge Publishing, “Up the Street, Down the Block & ‘Round the Corner,” is a 329-page trade paperback (ISBN-10: 1419688634, ISBN-13: 978-1419688638). It is being distributed by Baker & Taylor;;; and also available on U’nyque’s web site at: .

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