Belichick, Dungy, Phillips at Top After Week 12

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Statistically, the New England Patriots’ Bill Belichick has been the best coach in professional football this year, according to the website Launched today, FootballGenerals provides the only statistical, weekly rankings of NFL head coaches, along with coach-related news.

The FootballGenerals Coach Rankings correlate somewhat to wins, but also incorporate other relevant statistics, including penalties, turnovers, halftime adjustments, strength of schedule, red zone efficiency and others.

Football Generals “While it may not be surprising to any football fan that our rankings have Bill Belichick as the best coach in the NFL right now, it is interesting to see how much better he is statistically based on data beyond just wins and losses,” said FootballGenerals co-founder Stephan Wasserman.

Belichick’s 449 points after week 12 of competition put him 34 points ahead of Tony Dungy of the Indianapolis Colts and 37 points ahead of Wade Phillips of the Cowboys. Currently, the Rams’ Scott Linehan and the Dolphins’ Cam Cameron are at the bottom of the coach rankings.

“The rankings separate strongly performing coaches from coaches with the same or similar records,” Wasserman said. “Rank is not a straight one-for-one correlation with wins, though winning is a big indicator of performance in such an equal league.”

He emphasized that the rankings are purely statistical. “They are not ‘power rankings’ or anything else that is based on conventional wisdom or any other form of opinion. Head coaches can be ranked statistically because the data are available and because the constraints they operate under are remarkably similar.”

At the end of every season, FootballGenerals will anoint the top-ranked coach as the Football General of the Year. Off-season coach-related features will debut on after the current NFL season ends, with more stats provided next season. is the only website that focuses on the coaches — the “generals” — of professional football teams. It provides weekly, statistical in-season rankings of head coaches, and coach-related news and opinions. The company is in no way affiliated with the National Football League.

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