After-Warranty Service Provider Partners with Manufacturers to Reduce the High Cost of Replacement Light Engines

NORCROSS, Ga. — Hong Video Technology, Inc. (HVT), the leading outsource supplier of digital light processing (DLP(R)) light engine repair, today announced that it has surpassed 10,000 DLP light engines repaired. The milestone follows the recent completion of HVT’s expanded and renovated electronics repair facility, which included construction of a large darkroom that more than tripled its capacity for alignment and testing of DLP light engines.

HVT pioneered a reliable DLP light engine repair process for Toshiba in 2005, and today repairs six of the most popular DLP light engines used for DLP televisions.

The high-quality repair provided by HVT offers a cost-effective alternative to purchasing and replacing defective DLP light engines with new light engines. With a reliable source for replacement light engines throughout the product life cycle, manufacturers can dramatically reduce the need for costly final buys.

“HVT forms an alliance with manufacturers to help them reduce the high cost of replacement parts. With HVT’s innovation, these CE giants are able to reuse expensive components, like DLP light engines, that otherwise would be scrapped,” attests Chris Fabian, a Consumer Electronics consultant.

“With the substantial cost savings, manufacturers can pass savings on to the independent servicers who support their products,” Fabian added.

DLP light engine alignmentIn addition to cost savings, repair and recycling of costly DLP light engines contributes to compliance with environmental legislation.

*(Photo Caption: At HVT, a darkroom is used for DLP light engine alignment. Photo by M. Williams.)

About Hong Video Technology, Inc. (HVT)
HVT is the leading outsource supplier of DLP light engine repair and recycling in the United States. HVT also provides repair, custom integration and rework services for printed circuit boards, LCD panels and newer electronic technologies. Customers include manufacturers, OEMs and dealers in the consumer electronics, retail, gaming, auto, marine, computer and other industries. HVT has specialized in electronics repair and remanufacturing services since 1994.

HVT is certified minority owned and operated. For more information, visit or phone 770-495-4881.

DLP is a registered trademark of Texas Instruments.

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