NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pa. — The Houston Astros Major League Baseball(R) team, under the direction of Dewey Robinson, director of pitching development, are using custom and prototype designs of the Pitcher’s Eye(R) training aid, made by 4 Seam Inc., at all levels of the organization. The newly launched, patent pending product helps a pitcher see the catcher’s target and also helps the catcher set the target in the right location.

The Pitchers Eye(R) has been licensed and approved by Little League of America(R). Baseball can be a difficult game to teach, the Pitcher’s Eye(R) makes it an easier game to learn. If a pitcher sees well, a pitcher will perform better. Visualization can now be taught on the field.

According to Bob Gibson, former major league pitcher for the NY Mets and Milwaukee Brewers, “The Pitcher’s Eye allows pitchers to see how a strike zone works and how to use it.”

The Pitcher's EyeHe adds, “There are so many ways this product can by used. Before, a pitcher could only visualize a ball’s path, now the intended path is decided. The different forms of this product could have benefits for all levels of baseball.”

Better execution results in better performance. The coach’s instruction can be clearly understood. The product will have an immediate impact.

The Pitcher’s Eye(R) offers several models, from introductory to advanced training levels. It is made in the USA by 4 Seam Inc., a company based in Newtown Square, PA. It was invented and designed by people who have played, watched and coached baseball for their entire lives, through successive generations.

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