Houston Fast 100HOUSTON, Texas /eNewsChannels/ — Houston based technology firm, Softway Solutions, is ranked number 40 on Houston Business Journal’s Houston Fast 100 list. The Houston Fast 100 is ranked by two-year growth and a minimum of $1 million in revenue. All of the companies on the list are headquartered within the Houston metropolitan area and have been doing business for at least five years.

The sold-out event was held on Friday, Sept. 7 at the Hilton Houston Post Oak. Mohammad Anwar, the president, and six of his associates who attended the Houston Fast 100 event were pleasantly surprised by their ranking. Softway Solutions landed on the list at the number 40 spot because of its 2009-2011 growth rate of 116 percent.

Anwar’s excitement to be in the top 100 companies turned to joy when he realized Softway was in the top 50 companies. Khalid Hakim, operations manager, said he and the other associates “had huge smiles on our faces when the announcer started calling out the top 50 companies and we still had not heard our name yet.”

Anwar, who makes it a point to recognize and appreciate individual employees for their hard work, said, “The employees are the reason for our success and the reason we received this award.” The firm posts a record growth rate number for the years 2010 through 2012, with Anwar estimating it to be more than 200 percent.

Besides their own, another company’s name sparked pride and excitement for Anwar and his associates: Potentia Energy. Potentia Energy topped the Fast 100 list in the number one spot with an impressive growth rate of more than 19,000 percent. Softway Solutions and Potentia Energy are neighbors in the same office building and do business together. Three years ago the Softway team redesigned Potentia Energy’s website and continues to regularly maintain the site.

Being ranked number 40 after nine years in business signifies a turning point for Anwar and his team. The past nine years of experience has allowed Softway Solutions to evolve from being just a contract software company to a full fledge product and solutions engineering firm that builds technology products/solutions with a multifaceted approach. Anwar is positive about what the future holds for Softway, saying “next year, we will break the top 25!”

Being a product and solutions engineering firm is what sets Softway Solutions apart from its competition. It has three departments that specialize in the areas of Creative Marketing, Web and Mobile and Multimedia that are seamlessly integrated to operate as a well-oiled machine. Together, the three departments offer clients complete turnkey solutions that seamlessly integrate all of the different mediums of digital media. Many of its competitors opt to approach digital media development using pre-packaged, “off-the-shelf” systems, which can hinder the flexibility, lessen the adaptability to the client’s requirements and result in unmet needs.

Contrary to its competitors, Softway Solutions’ approach to customized digital media development results in all of our clients’ needs being met by one service the first time around. Its team of skillful programmers, developers and designers are able to employ a variety of tools and methods to ensure that every individual request is not only achieved but, also, in-line with the expectations and goals of the client. The comprehensive and complete solutions Softway Solutions builds is the reason why it is one of the most flexible and fully encompassing strategic digital solutions firms in the industry. More: .

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