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SEATTLE, Wash. /eNewsChannels/ — NEWS: Indoor Triathlon USA (ITUSA) today announced the launch of its new Indoor Triathlon USA Series in 2015. The first national, standardized triathlon series – indoors! “We are trying to create something special in a calendar space where previously nothing existed,” said CEO and Founder Bo Lebastchi. Unlike most indoor triathlons that currently operate, ITUSA events are real racing.

Almost all indoor triathlons currently use spin bikes or Lifecycles for the bike leg of their events with settings and resistance set randomly. While this might be good exercise it is NOT a race. What separates Indoor Triathlon USA is its exclusive use of Elite Fluid Trainers that automatically calibrate to the rider’s weight. This creates a level playing field for the athletes. They bring their own bike and Indoor Triathlon USA supplies the trainer.

Additionally, Indoor Triathlon USA creates virtually identical courses in every venue:
* Every Course is an i55 Distance Event: 10 min Swim / 30 min Bike / 15 min Run.
* Every Swim is in a 25 yard pool (with distance recorded every 25 yards.)
* Every Bike is the athlete’s bike on ITUSA supplied fluid trainers (with rear wheel odometers set to the individual’s wheel size to measure distance).
* Every Run is on a no-grade, flat, 50 yards out-n-50 yards back course (with distance recorded every 50 yards, not to exceed four left turns in total).

Indoor triathlon has always been a good introduction to the sport for first timers and ITUSA expects its events to continue that trend.

“Remember,” says Bo Lebastchi “the newbie to the sport only has to go as far as they choose to go. If they can only swim one lap in 10 minutes, bike a quarter mile in 30 minutes and run 100 yards in 15 minutes that’s fine. They have still, officially, completed the event. They receive the same beautiful finisher’s medal as everyone else.”

Where Indoor Triathlon USA also differs from other indoor events is in its appeal to the competitive triathlete. Yes, every race will have both age group and overall winners. But because of its standardized course, every venue’s race results will also be part of larger, national data base. There, athlete results from all ITUSA races will be ranked against each other.

Once the 2015 season begins with Indoor Triathlon USA: Portland, there will be an event every week. Triathletes, and any other interested party, can monitor the updated rankings as they adjust weekly on the Indoor Triathlon USA Leaderboard.

The athlete’s ranking along with results in The Indoor Triathlon World Championship, in Las Vegas April 19, 2015, will contribute to the athlete’s final ranking and possible All-American Honors.

2015 Indoor Triathlon USA Schedule:
Feb 01 Indoor Triathlon USA: PORTLAND.
Feb 07 Indoor Triathlon USA: LOS ANGELES.
Feb 15 Indoor Triathlon USA: SAN FRANCISCO.
Feb 22 Indoor Triathlon USA: SEATTLE.
Feb 28 Indoor Triathlon USA: COEUR D’ALENE.
March 08 Indoor Triathlon USA: DENVER.
March 15 Indoor Triathlon USA: AUSTIN.
March 22 Indoor Triathlon USA: CHICAGO.
April 19 Indoor Triathlon World Championship – LAS VEGAS.

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