Hotel Guests are Fully Informed Before They Book

HONOLULU, Hawaii — Travel Hawaii LLC, a Hawaii-based Internet travel agency, has developed a database of Hawaii hotel construction and renovation projects designed to help consumers “know before they go.” Customers can view all current construction projects and choose when it’s best to schedule a Hawaii vacation and which hotels will be “construction free.”

“It’s a great disappointment to Hawaii visitors when they pay for a good room in a good hotel, only to find that the lobby or pool is being torn up for the entire time of their visit,” said John Lindelow, owner of Travel Hawaii ( “Our goal is to inform our clients BEFORE they even book their Hawaii vacation where there’s construction, and exactly what kind of construction it is, so they can make informed decisions.”

Travel Hawaii LLCTravel Hawaii maintains a full list of current construction and renovation projects at major Hawaii hotels. In addition, current construction projects are described on Travel Hawaii’s individual hotel web pages. “And just to be sure that our clients are aware of the construction, we require them to check a box on the booking form acknowledging that they know about the construction,” added Lindelow.

An example of a Construction Alert (see ) reads as follows:

“Outrigger Hotels is remodeling the hotel next door to the Waikiki Shore – the Outrigger Reef. This construction may create noise during the day which could be disruptive to guests at the Waikiki Shore. Construction at the Outrigger Reef is due to complete at the end of 2008.”

Construction at Hawaii hotels has been booming in the past two years as hotels vie to keep their hotels updated in light of changing consumer tastes and increasing demand. “We are seeing many more renovation projects being announced this year,” said Lindelow, “and some huge ones at that, so we want to arm our clients with the knowledge they need.”

About Travel Hawaii LLC
Founded in 1997 by computer scientist John Lindelow and travel agency owner Roz Rapozo, Travel Hawaii has become a leading Internet booking service for consumers wishing to vacation in Hawaii. Travel Hawaii maintains sophisticated online booking systems and databases focused on Hawaii travel.

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