LOS ANGELES, Calif. — MoJo Sports LLC, a leading California-based realistic sports manufacturing company established in 2003, today announced that it has received a U.S. Patent for the World’s First Pitching Cage, dubbed the Mojo Pitching Cage. The Mojo Pitching Cage allows a pitcher to practice pitching in a realistic environment without the need of another person. Have you ever wanted to practice pitching, but didn’t have a catcher? How about a batter that would stand in for you? The Mojo Pitching Cage provides both of those.

Mojo Pitching CageIt consists of a realistic three-dimensional catcher that you can control from the pitcher’s mound and a realistic three-dimensional batter that can easily be positioned as a right or left handed batter. You can control exactly where the catcher sets up from the pitcher’s mound.

The idea is to “throw to the glove.” A real catcher always moves the glove for you to adjust to your pitch and never really makes you completely focus on controlling the ball. If you want to throw a fastball low and away to a right- handed batter, you can easily position the catcher to that location and practice throwing to that location repetitiously. Batting cages have existed for a long time that give a hitter the opportunity to practice the skill of hitting anytime they want.

The Mojo Pitching Cage gives a pitcher the opportunity to practice the skill of pitching anytime he/she wants.

“It takes confidence to stand on the mound and make that perfect pitch and the only way you get confidence is to practice making that perfect pitch,” said company President and Inventor of the Mojo Pitching Cage, Joe Lewis.

“The Mojo catcher is the first realistic pitching target that replicates reality, but won’t move the glove for you. We have really simplified the art of pitching. The secret to pitching is repetitious practice in a real game situation.”

About MoJo Sports

MoJo Sports constructs life-like mannequins and uses them in a realistic setting for each sport to challenge the participant. All of MoJo Sports creations can be used for instructional purposes for the professional athlete to enhance their skill or for entertainment to challenge the average Jo or Mo.

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