Do you want to understand what your dog is saying, or why they exhibit certain problematic behaviors?

WASILLA, Alaska — “The Human Pack” (ISBN 978-1-4196-7578-2) serves to educate readers about the intricate language of canines as well as how best to use this knowledge in order to create a harmonious “Human Pack.” Clinician Jenn Lewis also explains how to deal with canine behavioral problems in a way consistent with her gentle approach to training and bonding with dogs.

“The Human Pack’s main focus is to teach you how better understand your dog. It also shows you how to create a dialogue that both canines and humans can comprehend. It’s an easy to read book that anyone, at any level, can understand. The book’s aim is to teach you my own proven strategies and methods,” says Jenn Lewis, MS, author of The Human Pack.

This book is especially geared to dog owners who seek to understand their dogs on a deeper level and achieve healthy, mutually rewarding relationships. A dog is a fantastic addition to a family, if you know how to communicate with it. The Human Pack will teach you how to effectively do this.

Lynda Schlarp, dog training expert from Sacramento California, had this to say about the author and the book, “In this book, Jenn explains the intricate language of dogs in a way that is so wonderfully understandable. The best thing for our beloved dogs starts with us reading this book.”

This book gives you a proven method to communicate with your dog effectively and avoid unwanted behavior problems. You will find the book sold in print and e-book format at:

“The Human Pack,” paperback, 167 pages, ISBN 978-1-4196-7578-2, $15.99, is available both electronically and traditionally from Pandora’s Pet Services, Amazon .com and Booksurge .com, and other booksellers.

About The Author
Jenn Lewis is an avid dog lover and Clinician who lives and works in Wasilla, Alaska. She received her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Alaska, Anchorage and has spent many years combining her knowledge of psychology and behavior with her study of dog pack behavior. As a result, she has created a method of living with dogs that allows each species to live together in harmony.

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