DETROIT, Mich. — Harper Arrington Publishing ( announces the publication of its first book in a new series – “The Little Back Book Exposed” (ISBN: 0-9764161-8-2) – that delves into the minds of men and reveals their innermost secrets to women. Co-authors Carlton Houston and Pierre St. Clair surveyed hundreds of men between the ages of 21 and 40 from all over the country of varying ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. They obtained real answers to women’s questions about relationships, lies, dating, sex, and more.

The book promises to help women “decode” men and to give them insight into what’s on men’s minds. It offers practical relationship advice with a how-to approach.

Little Black Book“The Little Black Book Exposed” is the hottest question and answer book ever. It contains 45 uncensored chapters that provide answers to questions like: What turns a man on? Why he hasn’t introduced you to his mama? What’s on a man’s mind during and after sex? What is the perfect gift for the man you love? Why do men really cheat?

Not only do men answer these questions and more, they also share experiences and stories.

“Our book is the cheat sheet for finding, keeping and understanding men,” Houston said. “It’s also a book where anything goes.”

The book provides a realistic view of how men think. The authors did not sugarcoat responses or struggle to make them politically correct; stories were printed as they were told.

The book comes with a warning label to ensure that no one gets offended. According to the authors, that’s what makes the book so special. It’s a behind-the-scenes view that allows women to be a fly on the wall in the men’s locker room.

One reader said that this is the book she has been waiting for. She has put some of the concepts to use and her boyfriend loves it!

Harper Arrington Publishing was started in 2004. The company has released numerous products that sell to individuals, schools and companies around the world. To date, more than 50,000 people have viewed the book’s trailer.

For more information visit: “The Little Black Book Exposed” can also be ordered on

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