DETROIT, Mich. — Though we were all born with smooth, baby-soft skin the effects of time and heredity begin to show on the faces of Detroiter’s of all ages. Dr. Mark Berkowitz of Accents Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa has reintroduced many people to more vibrant, youthful, and healthy-looking skin with a single, 30-minute in-office treatment using the newest fractional laser technology imported just last month from Italy. MIXTO fractional resurfacing will restore clear, radiant skin, quickly reversing years of neglect, sun exposure, stress, and life’s choices.

Berkowitz explains that because laser technologies for skin rejuvenation are so remarkably precise, skin care professionals are able to determine the number of times the laser should pass over the skin. This allows certain areas to receive a customized level of attention during treatment – not an option with less controllable methods of skin rejuvenation, like chemical peels. And, while Berkowitz utilizes many different lasers for resurfacing, his new procedure is most exciting and is comfortable enough to endure without anesthesia – no shots, no IV’s and no disorienting medicine means no designated driver needed afterwards.

Berkowitz warns that not all cosmetic lasers are equal nor are all practitioners. To further explain, Berkowitz has published a fact-filled report about laser resurfacing, comparing today’s laser options and answering the frequently heard questions his patients ask when considering a skin rejuvenation procedure. The report is available on his website,

For non-internet surfers, Berkowitz’s friendly staff will gladly mail a copy by simply calling to request a free report. ACCENTS staff may be reached at (586) 254-7692 or toll free at (888) 99-BOTOX.

Dr. Mark Berkowitz is a uniquely qualified cosmetic surgeon – one of only 18 others in Michigan with his certifications and expertise. As a fellowship-trained cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Berkowitz specializes in laser eyelid rejuvenation and revision procedures to correct less than desirable outcomes of other surgeons. For more than ten years, he has successfully transformed his patient’s visions of beauty into reality by sculpting sagging skin, redefining drooping jowls, renewing facial contours, and improving the appearance of aging, sun damaged and flawed skin.

An actual laser treatment has been video taped with patient consent for viewing online at

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