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(FORT WORTH, Texas) — NEWS: Inspired by the mathematical standard PI, Gary Neal, Jr., author, “A Healthy Slice of PI: Food for Thought” (ISBN: 978-1698977850), is helping people to identify, manage and thrive off real-life situations by providing a unique insight into why people become who they are. He’s also the founder of Pride and Egoos, a clothing and wearable accessories company. This is his first book.

A military veteran of 10 years, Neal has witnessed a rising suicide rate among his fellow service members and he hopes this book will entertain, but also provide helpful commentary leading to a reversal of this trend.

“When difficult situations arise or challenging people are met, knowing and understanding who we are gives us an advantage in everyday life,” Neal says.

The philosophy portrayed in the book relates to the uniqueness of PI and how it relates to people. “A Healthy Slice of PI” took several years to write and Neal attributes this fresh perspective to years spent overseas and time spent in different countries.

The book humanizes PI and explains how people are similar to this mysterious number. Neal says the only thing comparable to PI is people.

Neal has always been fascinated with people and philosophy. He’s encountered many people from different cultures. Whether a first essential personnel at the Pentagon during 9/11 or assisting missions in remote parts of Afghanistan, Neal is intrigued by what makes people tick.

“The book is designed to give people food for thought,” Neal says.

Neal loves writing poetry and the book incorporates some of this writing. The poems in the book are creatively written to inspire dialog about sensitive subjects. Readers of his poetry have expressed great enthusiasm for his writing and many have been waiting for him to finish this book.

About the Author

Gary Neal, Jr. has lived overseas for roughly 14 years in South Korea, Kuwait and Afghanistan. He has successfully embarked on building his brand Pride and Egoos (pronounced egos). When broken down, the acronyms Pride and Egoos stand for “People Representing Individuality Diversity Equality/Everybody Got Our Own Story.” The brand was created to encourage creativity and celebrate diversity.

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Gary Neal, Jr.
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