SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Author D.L. Carroll announces her first novel, “West Coast Lady” (ISBN 1-4241-7318-3). Author D.L. Carroll reveals the secrets of Annabelle’s past and stirs your emotions with her courage and passion to thrive against the odds in this adult novel for women. The author conveys a realistic perspective on happily ever after and discloses subtle, yet profound, messages throughout the story.

Annabelle, born and raised in the suburbs of the Silicon Valley, loses her innocence at a tender young age. She survives a childhood mixed with violence, humiliation, alcoholism, and drugs. Determined not to become a victim of circumstance, Annabelle faces many impediments along the journey of facing her demons and exposing secrets. She encounters unpredictable lovers who provide her with emotional lessons and independence.

West Coast Lady book She learns invaluable wisdom and the meaning of love through philanthropy, friends, and family. After nearly three decades of removing the skeletons from her closet, Annabelle stumbles upon the path to her dreams, lit up before her like an airport runway.

This inspiring story of shattered innocence, endless secrets, undeniable betrayal, forgiveness and the determination to pursue happiness, will provide you with encouragement to follow your limitless dreams.

“West Coast Lady” (ISBN 1-4241-7318-3), released by PublishAmerica, is available online at,,,, by request in book stores nationwide, and through wholesalers Ingram, Baker & Taylor and Brodart Co.

Featured Book of the Month – August 2007
Book Reviews by, Review Date: July 29, 2007: “ highly recommends, ‘West Coast Lady.’ This book is full of confidence, struggles, self-esteem, love, understanding and human conditioning. This is a realistic life read that will be good company when one needs to just curl up and live life through another’s eyes and heart. D.L. Carroll teaches many good life’s lessons through the eyes of Annabelle of the Silicon Valley!”

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