NEW YORK, N.Y. — Commencing Monday, May 22nd 2006, online diamond and jewelry retailer James Allen ( began offering its customers more than 10,000 high quality photographed diamonds available exclusively on the James Allen web site. has recently signed an exclusivity agreement with Daronet LTD, a market leader in diamond photography, for the use of the Daroscope Microscope camera ( Using high resolution images of diamonds taken by the Daroscope Camera, James Allen will now be able to show customers on its website diamond images at magnification of up to 28 times actual size. This is a first in the online diamond retail market, and represents a significant benefit to consumers shopping in the virtual world.

Hearts & Arrows diamonds*(Photo Caption: The image shows Hearts [L] & Arrows [R] diamonds. Hearts & Arrows diamonds are diamonds which are cut to very precise parameters which when viewed through a special loupe, a Hearts & Arrows pattern can be seen.)

In addition, James Allen has secured long term supply agreements with major diamond manufacturers, insuring a steady diamond supply at competitive prices. This inventory includes a vast selection of GIA and AGS graded diamonds in a variety of shapes and qualities.

Coupled with the charming slogan “Only life is more beautiful,” offers loose diamonds and classic jewelry along with stunning 3D Movies. The diamond images and 3D movies provide customers with an excellent sense of the online product selection. The company has already been profiled as one of the leading online jewelers by media channels such as; The Washington Post, NBC News, US News & World Report and National Public Radio.

“As we broaden our diamond and engagement ring selection and add consumer friendly technology to the website, we enhance the shopping experience and help our customers become even more confident in their engagement purchases. The diamond magnified images are a great tool, since the customer can now view the clarity inclusions prior to purchase and increase the likelihood that the diamond will meet (if not exceed) their expectations,” said Jim Schultz, CEO and founder of

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