EUGENE, Ore. — In-room, hospital entertainment has never been so satisfying. Paradigm Multimedia today announced that it has teamed up with AG Neovo, a cutting-edge LCD manufacturer, to deliver the ultimate 19-inch health care LCDTV. The award-winning display features: elegant design, patent-pending NeoV crystal optic filter technology, superior performance and excellent value.

Industry wide, the AG Neovo product line, specifically the X-series LCD, has no rival. The X-feature of the X-19 monitor that relates to the healthcare market, specifically in a patient’s room, is the patented NeoV Optical Glass(TM).

AG Neovo’s proprietary NeoV Optical Glass(TM) boasts a superior anti-reflective, scratch-proof screen surface that allows viewing comfort over a long period of time, and also provides protection of the actual LCD screen.

HT22 LCD displayThis protection feature is key when considering the intense cleaning and disinfecting that is required in a hospital/patient room environment.

According to Reinhold Baron, Paradigm’s president, “No other health care LCDTV can make this claim.”

“We are thrilled that AG Neovo has offered its X-series LCD monitor with its exceptional strength, and resistance-to-scratch, to work with our patent-pending HT22 interface box,” Baron said. “In addition to superior performance, the exceptional durability of the X-Series displays makes them second-to-none in a hospital-room environment.”

Benefits of the HT22 include: complete interface with current nurse-call systems’ manufacturers and pillow speakers; space-friendly CATV tuner box that supports 125 channels; auto search and programming; and a full line of display sizes.

Paradigm Multimedia continues to search the world for the latest technology advances and consistently aligns itself with world-class manufacturers. This allows them to deliver their health care clients the most stylish LCD displays and multimedia products in the industry.

“By offering the X19,” Baron explained, “we can proudly claim that we have the finest and most durable health care LCDTV in the 19/20-inch category in the health care marketplace.”

To view a demonstration of how the HT22 works with a standard, pillow speaker, visit:

And, to learn more about the manufacturer, AG Neovo, visit:

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