CHICAGO, Ill. —, a new blog and toolkit, launches with a “Free Advice” service for single mothers — moms who are unmarried, divorced, widowed or separated. The singlemamahood(TM) mission is “reducing drama for the single mama.” It is the brainchild of Kelly Williams, a single mom, motivational speaker, parent educator and author of Single Mamahood, Advice and Wisdom for the African American Single Mother (Citadel).

parent educator and author Kelly WilliamsAccording to the National Center for Health Statistics, while fewer teens are having babies, the number of single moms is growing. The center reports more than two-thirds of African American new mothers are unmarried and the percentage of all women in the U.S. giving birth who do not have husbands exceeds one-third.

“There is plenty of debate about moral, societal and economic issues surrounding single mother-headed households. Meantime, single mamas are dealing with the here and now. does not encourage women to become single moms, it deals with single parenting as a fact of life and provides practical support,” Williams said. “Single moms want to be good mothers; is in essence an easy-to-access toolkit to help them.”

A single mama herself, whose son is now in college, Williams is writing her second self-help book for single moms. The website is her answer to numerous requests during her parent education workshops and seminars for a source for affordable, realistic, timely advice.

Williams’ first book, Single Mamahood, is an acclaimed down-to-earth guide that features real stories that teach single moms that by realistically challenging obstacles, they can raise children who are self-assured, happy and healthy. Psychologists, readers, reviewers and workshop attendees praise Williams for her candid, forthright suggestions and common-sense advice on topics such as school problems, finances and relationships.

Through, churches, corporations and organizations serving single mothers can book special events, keynote addresses and motivational speaking engagements with the website’s founder.

Kelly Williams, motivational speaker, parent educator and author, launched in September 2006. Williams, single mama to one son, has a master’s in journalism from the University of Missouri.

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