PORTERSVILLE, Pa. — Adams Mfg Corp asks, “Which colors are best?” For the big, comfortable resin chaise lounges, white is the best color. Dark colors absorb heat more quickly, and can be uncomfortable to use on sunny days. Anyone who’s sat on a hot chaise lounge while wearing a bathing suit will insist that their chaise lounges be white and only white.

For the popular Adirondack resin chairs, all the colors work well. Many people like to coordinate their Adirondacks with the colors they’ve chosen for their homes and patios. While the darker colors do absorb heat, it’s not the big issue it is with chaise lounges.

Any color is appropriate for the other stacking chairs. But, there is one very important consideration. Discerning buyers make sure they have the texture they like. Resin chairs come with two basic types of surface. The glossy finish is easier to keep clean. It can be wiped with a wet cloth, or simply hosed off.

Many prefer the softer, matte finish. That finish is slightly matted, and is not as shiny as the glossy finish. While it’s easy to clean, a soapy rag may work better before rinsing it off with a hose or clean water.

There’s a big advantage in resin furniture. It doesn’t crack, and there’s no paint or varnish to maintain. The color goes clear through the resin, so buyers know they won’t have to be bothered sanding, filling, and painting every year or so. Anyone who’s refinished or repainted a wooden chair knows how long that takes!

If you want to change the color of your resin furniture, your local retailer sells spray cans just for that purpose. In a few minutes, your comfortable resin furniture looks like new, and at a fraction of the cost.

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