MORRISVILLE, Pa. — Patch Management, Inc., has announced the release of their latest technological advancement using recycled materials, with existing application, to create an environmentally safe product for patching potholes. PMI will debut this new product at the National League of Cities 85th Congress of Cities and Exposition at the Orlando World Center Marriott in Orlando Florida on November 12 to 14, booth 327. The newest technology is a process of using rubber from discarded / used tires and incorporating this material in to a mixture of liquid emulsion with aggregate through an air conveyance system creating a barrier between the repair and the traffic which permits immediate use.

This application is aesthetically appealing due to the color of the rubber that better matches the original asphalt surface. PMI’s patented Internal Cleansing Chamber (ICC) permits a fully recyclable process which allows operations without exhausting any solvents or waste that can cause any environment episodes.

Scott Kleiger, Chief Operations Officer and creator of the PK2000 and the spray injection pothole repair system, states of the reason for his latest development: “Being directly involved with research and development at Patch Management, I have been challenged with the opportunity to go ‘Green’ with our patches.”

Mr. Kleiger further says, “By using rubber from used tires, we have offered a means of managing the rubber waste in America and make it an asset to Patch Management and our cities nationwide. Putting this together with the PK2000 maintenance machine, we have stepped up to the plate with a promising waste-saving product to improve our roads.”

Since 1995, PMI has been providing state and local governments nationwide with services that include spray injection pothole repair and leasing of the PK2000 Spray Injection Patching Truck. Using the PK2000 Patcher, equipped with an environmentally designed HPA re-circulation cleaning system and with the company’s commitment to research of materials, PMI has achieved success of the spray injection roadway repairs within the variable weather conditions, allowing a useful life cycle of repairs to achieve 36 to 42 months or greater. The PMI proprietary emulsion works in below-freezing temperatures and conditions where traditional materials are not as successful, and the repairs are immediately ready for vehicles to drive over them. In addition, all repair performance is documented through an accountability reporting system and PMI offers specific guarantees against failures.

For more information on Patch Management, Inc. and their latest product developments, please visit the company’s website at or meet with Messer’s. Tarlini, CEO, Kleiger, COO and Baclit, President at the National League of Cities Exposition.

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