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LOS ANGELES, Calif. /eNewsChannels/ — NEWS: iLove.LA announced today that its new site, VipDomains.LA is now open. Anyone now has the chance to takeover a service area, product or the prestige of owning a word for L.A. (Los Angeles), online. Open to all, benefit now from owning the best .LA domain names. You didn’t have to be first ten years ago, bid in auctions, pay extra early fees, or buy from your unwilling competitor.

Only one person can own each defining VIP Exclusive Premium .LA domain name. Grand Opening Pricing starts now on some names, 20-60 percent off.

Great names available including Yoga.LA, Selfies.LA, HealthInsurance.LA, HipHop.LA and Couture.LA Featured Names also include over 100 first and last names, dominant business categories, real estate and legal names and dictionary word names. See also many and varied options for Short Names (1-3 characters), Green, Sports, Fitness, Family and Holidays.

“Having an Exclusive VIP Domain name is like beachfront property, floor seats, and special preferred seating at clubs and restaurants,” said Mr. Page Howe, local .LA representative. “You can make an impact and show-off, show you are the best at what you do, the service you provide, what you influence or what you sell in Los Angeles and Southern California,” Howe continued.

Shop by category, keyword or price in our easy to use store. Pre-Grand Opening Pricing clearly shown. As .LA gains traction, prices will increase. Founders Program opportunities are also available on some names, providing a purchase discount existing or planned marketing. Many restaurants, business, brands and startups are already using.LA names, see many of them in on our Pinterest link, or at .

“All advertising and marketing is moving local and mobile. Having a short and easy to remember prestigious first impression domain name can set you apart in the crowded Los Angeles market for your product or service. Having the best domain name can allow you to control the conversation, and/or disrupt the existing power structure in your industry. A great .LA name can instantly brand you with the #1 City Worldwide for style, fashion, and now tech. And it’s just plain cool to have the best name available,” remarked industry veteran and Los Angeles born and raised Howe.

Lastly Howe summarized, “Your future renewal rates are the regular .LA rates charged by your registrar. Over time your asset value can grow and your annual expense is less than $50 a year. Most names are priced at 1-5 percent of what the .com might cost, and usually less than one sale or engagement or commission in each business. Now you can invest in the best online real estate for Los Angeles, Don’t miss the boat”

With thousands of domains sold, and hundreds of websites up and running, .LA continues its roll-out as the top level domain name for companies, products, services, individuals and brands building websites for Los Angeles residents and businesses. .LA names allow you to advertise your LA style worldwide. LA domains work on every internet connected computer and are indexed by search engines like any other global domain name, and registration is unrestricted, available with any residency restriction. Regular registrations are still ongoing at all major registrars. Millions of .LA names, (over 95 percent of names registered in .com) are still available at or your favorite registrar.

Learn more about the new offerings at: http://VipDomains.LA/ .

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