ANAHEIM, Calif. — Lockdown Co., announces Patented Steelcore Spa Straps, made with an innovative cut-resistant material SEW (Steel Encased Webbing). The only spa cover security device strong and secure enough to stop all unauthorized access by anyone of any age. Besides saving lives, and ensuring privacy, they are the only spa straps that secure spa covers in high winds.

Current stock spa covers have small plastic locks that “lock” the spa cover with the use of a plastic key. Trespassers can access these spas by simply inserting any object into this plastic lock, and then clip the buckle back when finished. These plastic locks are only meant to deter children from 0-5 years of age from entering the spa.

spa cover security device In contrast, Steelcore buckles are constructed of metal using a real lock which can only be opened with its’ designated key. In combination with the buckle, the strap made with SEW (Steel Encased Webbing) is harder to cut then a security cable. Now the spa cover is inaccessible to children of any age and any unauthorized users. It will hold the cover on in the highest of winds. Steelcore Spa safety Straps is the only product allowed to secure spa covers in day care centers and foster homes.

Sam Kennedy, Owner of Steelcore, said, “I originally invented cut-resistant tie-downs for locking down water sports gear and camping gear to car racks. It shocked us that there was nothing on the market that adequately locked spa covers, especially when you consider that in almost all areas, spa covers are required to be locked, or have a designated pool fence with locking gate. This gave us the impetus to come up with a design specific for spa covers and hot tub covers.”

“We designed them so customers could easily install them themselves to either a brand new spa or to replace the existing plastic buckles on older spa covers. After all home door locks, pool gate locks, and gun locks are not made of plastic, why should spa locks be? As of yet there has not been one case of someone gaining access to a spa using Steelcore Spa Safety Straps,” Sam says.

Steelcore Spa Safety Straps now come in 4 colors – black, brown, tan, and gray. Although you can’t put a price on safety; they are reasonably priced around $100, depending on color for the 2 strap set. This is cost-effective as one service call by a spa tech to change the water and clean the spa from spa trespassers can cost more than that. And no more repairing of plastic locks either.

Steelcore is Made in the USA – US patent 6199412,

More information: toll free at 877-594-7360, or .

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