ELM SPRINGS, Tenn. — The following statement was issued today by Christopher M. Sullivan, Commander-In-Chief, Sons of Confederate Veterans: It has come to our attention that Al Sharpton has used highly volatile and untrue words to inject his prejudice into a non-story with Vice President Cheney. It appears to be another attempt by Sharpton to grab headlines and falsely cry “racism” for profit.

According to wire reports, a photographer for the New York Daily News took a picture of a Confederate flag hanging in the garage of a private hunting lodge where Vice President Cheney was hunting. Since this Cheney hunting trip apparently garnered no real news, the media ran the picture to Sharpton for comment. Sharpton did not disappoint, pronouncing the New York club as “representing lynching, hate and murder of black people.”

Once again Mr. Sharpton demonstrates his bigotry by trying to unjustly disparage the Confederate soldier’s flag.

In the hearts of millions of diverse Americans, as well as by federal law, Confederate soldiers are U.S. veterans, and Sharpton’s divisive antics are dismaying to most fair-minded Americans.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans demands Sharpton apologize for his remarks.

In the future, if Mr. Sharpton again chooses to play politics, he should leave out his messages of hate and anger toward Confederate veterans and their symbols.

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