NEW YORK, N.Y. — TravelCell, a leading provider for global cellular and satellite phone rentals, announces special summer cell phone services for international travelers. Summer is a popular time for international travel, and keeping in touch with business and family while abroad is important. Many people will find that their U.S. cell phone will not work abroad and if it does, it can be costly; this can lead to stress, loss of time, and money. And, while many people may rely on calling cards, calling cards do not take incoming calls. So, what happens if a business associate or family member has to get in touch?

TravelCell can help. Known for their low rates and quality service, the company is offering 50 percent off their cell phone rental fees, along with other enticing options. Free incoming calls are available in major travel countries including the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan and service in over 150 countries, worldwide.

SIM cards for many countries are also available for rent or purchase so people can use their own unlocked GSM phone.

TravelCell makes life easy for their customers. So, whether you are a business, student, or leisure traveler, TravelCell benefits everyone.

The company delivers the phone with all accessories directly to customers’ homes or offices. This allows TravelCell users, in advance, to distribute their phone number and contact information.

TravelCell also offers permanent international phone numbers so frequent travelers can have a foreign number for life. And, a U.S. number and even toll-free number can be attached to the TravelCell phone.

“This year, TravelCell is celebrating its 10-year anniversary,” Josh Mehlman, president, TravelCell says. “We pride ourselves on providing stellar customer service, great rates, worldwide service, and for this reason, we have become the company that travelers rely on for cell phone service while abroad.”

TravelCell is an easy choice for anyone traveling overseas. In today’s troubled times, the importance of global communications is on everyone’s mind. TravelCell offers safety, security and peace of mind.

Currently, TravelCell is offering short-term and long-term programs. The advantage of TravelCell is direct and reliable service. And, customers only pay for what they use.

For more information, call: 877-CELL-PHONE; e-mail: sales, or visit:

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